Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Submarine Podcast 021 w/ Roby Deep (Slo)

Submarine Podcast 021

Roby Deep



From deep, organic, sometimes weird to melodic is the best way to describe music by Slovenian producer and DJ Roby Deep.

Since an early age he showed a strong love for music, he spent his days listening to 80’s & 90’s bands that had a great influence on him. After visiting his first clubs in '95 he felt strong connection between him and music. He started to get more and more involved in the DJ world as well as producing music. 
After good start in producing new releases came out on various European and American labels, with good support from today’s popular artists in music industry. 
His sets are always the right balance of new sounds and genres that never turn boring. 
Roby lives and breathes music, steering away from overplayed commercial tunes, he is always researching and scouring for fresh underground sound.

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