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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Submarine Podcast 046 - Yigit Atilla in the mix

Submarine Podcast 046

DJ Guest: Yigit Atilla (Istanbul)

Mix link:

After releasing his EP #SV029 on Submarine Vibes, called Searching EP with Ed Ed and Cliff De Zoete remixes, Yigit Atilla is back on Submarine Vibes with a beautiful one-hour podcast mix.

01 - David August - Patria Ft. Sissi Rada / Free DL
02 - Atelier Francesco - Dead End Ft. Astrid (Original Mix) / Cityfox
03 - YokoO, Retza - Magnetic Souls (Original Mix) / All Day I Dream
04 - Tim Green - For A Memory (Original Mix) / Get Weird
05 -T.M.A - Bukka White (Tony Casanova Remix) / Submarine Vibes
06 - Ian Pooley - Turakina (Original Mix) / Pooled Music
07 - Wallflower - Say You Won't Ever (Larry Heard Underground Mix) Rebirth
08 - Gorje Hewek, Izhevski - Turgoyakk (Original Mix) / Watergate Records
09 - David August - Agatha (Original Mix) Innervisions
10 - Olaf Stuut - Siren (Dauwd Remix) Atomnation
11 - Fulltone - Only Solution (Original Mix) / Seven Villas
12 - Cubicolor - Dead End Thrills (Original Mix) / Ajunadeep

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Submarine Podcast 043 - T.M.A

Submarine Podcast 043

DJ Guest: T.M.A (Germany)

Mix link:

About T.M.A:
As they were like 15, the three young boys met in school and started their own band project. Years later they were influenced by electronic music and founded T.M.A as a fresh project to incorporate this new-found inspiration. "We are driven by the sound, facets and opportunities given by electronic music." Their sound converts the impressions from their small hometowns near Berlin and living in front of the metropolis itself. It's a mix of organic drums and guitars and powerfull basslines and synths.

T.M.A will release their Bozeman EP on 15th August on Submarine Vibes, with remix by Tony Casanova and BroFi.
Here you can check EP preview:

Luxation – Nicone
Bozeman -  T.M.A
LA Angels – Gorge (Audiojack Remix)
Truganini – Reset Robot
Hidden Karisma – Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenfeld
Tuna In – Hanne & Lore
Bukka White – T.M.A
Voyage One – David Mayer & Sebastian Voigt
Pataphysics – Thomalla
Claim of Planet Earth – El Txef A (Dave DK Remix)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Onur Diner - Owlephant EP

Onur Diner - Owlephant EP
+ Remixes: Disko Dario & Mark Slee

Buy link

EP Preview

Release date 

Release info:

Submarine Vibes presents 31st release titled "Owlephant" crafted by Onur Diner. EP Includes two original tracks as well as two remixes from Disko Dario and Mark Slee.
Influenced by elements of African culture Owlephant is a perfect blend of those beautiful traditional sounds as well as voices of soothing wild life while keeping modern touch to it with it's warm basslines and groovy atmospheric melodies. 
Meanwhile with track "Kalopsia" Onur shows his other side as he goes deeper with beautiful oriental instrument sounds mixed with dub synth and creates extraordinary melodic groove.
First remix is presented by San Francisco based artist Mark Slee, making his return on Submarine Vibes after remixing Petros Odin & Mattik. His new remix of Owlephant is a marvellous , true deep house track with catchy riffs and warm grooves. 
Second Remix is done by Switzerland based Disko Dario Making his debut appearance on Submarine. His remix of Owlephant is simply stunning piece, resembling his unique signature style full of gripping warmth and melancholic sounds.

Supported by:

David Granha, Blancah, Sasch BBC, Marc Poppcke, Paul Hazendonk, Marcus Sur, Yoram, Sam Pauli, Analog Trip, Jelly For The Babies, Pedro Mercado, Deepin Radio, Philipp Kempnich, CIOZ, Jorge Martins, Below Bangkok, VieL, Ivan Garci, Jero Nougues, etc.

Mastering: Roby Deep

Submarine Vibes:


Submarine Podcast 041: PHCK in the mix

Submarine Podcast 041

DJ Guest: PHCK (Germany)

PHCK are coming soon on Submarine Vibes Summer Compilation!

1. Maribou State, Pedestrian - The Clown feat. Pedestrian (Axel Boman Remix)
2. Cubicolor - Falling feat. Tim Digby-Bell (Robag's Uppa Baash Remix)
3. Axel Boman - Hello (Original Mix)
4. PHCK - Panthera (Original Mix)
5. Onur Diner - Owlephant (Mark Slee Remix)
6. Roman Flügel - 9 Years (DJ Koze Remix)
7. Butch - The Spirit feat. Hohberg (Adriatique's 7am Remix)
8. Tigerskin - This Place Is Empty Without You (Original Mix)
9. Richard Davis - Same Room (AvatismRemix)
10. Agoria - Panta Rei (Original Mix)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ki.Mi. - The Forest Adventure EP (Incl Stimmhalt Remix)

Ki.Mi. - The Forest Adventure EP

+ Stimmhalt Remix

Buy link

EP Preview

Release date 

Release info:

Submarine Vibes presents 30th release called "The Forest Adventure" As the release title suggests it's about perfect time to leave our houses and find adventures in the nature. This 3 track release will be perfect companion in your playlists, while enjoying freshness of summer and beauty of the Forrest. Ki.Mi. is the Russian producer who takes us on this marvellous journey of wonderful sounds and brings us two original pieces called "The Forrest Adventure" and "Holst" both of the tracks are ideal for warm up as well as closing sets, with easy, laid-back feel and stunning melodies. His recent remixes on our imprint for Delskiz and Arara were one of the successful tracks throughout our catalogue, so we are very exited to have him back on SV with his original tracks. Remix is done by Stimmhalt, talented artist born in Georgia (Country) and currently based in USA, His unique style has already been recognised by lot's of well known artists and record labels and he proves his point with his beautiful remix.

Supported by:

Agoria, Aaryon, Leon Luis, Ron Flatter, Evgeny, Memo Insua, Mickey Imepri, Andi Durrant, Analog Trip, Pauke Schaumburg, Mark Slee, D Pragh, Savvas, SchNee, DJ Scotty A, etc.

Mastering: Roby Deep

Submarine Vibes:


SV028 - MockBeat - Sunshine EP

MockBeat - Sunshine EP

+ Remixes: Deepjack / Mike Tohr

Buy link

Release date 

Original mix:

Mike Tohr Remix:

Deepjack Remix:

Release info:

Submarine Vibes proudly presents their new and very special release, dedicated to summer just around the corner.  To celebrate warm and sunny days ahead EP is called Sunshine and it's done by London based producer MockBeat, featuring vocals recorded in Submarine's home studio by malbeku (Belma Zvizdic) Release contains remixes by Mike Tohr and Deepjack.
As you'd realise by now EP #Sunshine is must have release and it definitely got you covered for the summer, the rest.  "Let music do the talking"

Already supported by:
Lissat & Voltax, Agoria, Marc Poppcke, Soul Button, Andi Durrant, Franz Alice Stern, Fer Ferrari, Sam Pauli, Jelly For The Babies, Yoram, Chris Robin, Rishi K, Martin Bundsen, Ivan Masa, Pauke Schaumburg, Deep Active, Savvas, Hibrid, etc...

Mastering: Roby Deep

Submarine Vibes:


Submarine Podcast 040: VieL in the mix

Submarine Podcast 040

1.Ian Pooley - Mudou (Dub)
2.Axel Boman - Moon Dancer (Original Mix)
3.Gorje Hewek, Izhevski - Whelm (Original Mix)
4.Nils Penner - Multa (Johnjon Remix)
5.Kurt Baggaley - Amicus (Oversound Remix)
6.Roby Deep - Road To The Unknown (Hibrid Remix)
7.Fer Ferrari - Time To Warm (Portofino Sunrise Remix)
8.Chris Fortier, Andromo - 2nd Light (Andromo Deepcove Mix)
9.BONDI - You've Been Fooled (Original Mix)
10.QLONS - Infini Instantane (Original Mix)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Roby Deep - Road To The Unknown EP

Roby Deep - Road to the unknown EP

+ Remixes: Yarosslav / Hibrid

Buy link

Release date 

Release info:

Submarine Vibes brings you a new release from Slovenian producer Roby Deep, called Road to the Unknown.
After a great sucess of his last release "Going Under" which was remixed by Addex and Dustin Nantais, Roby is back on our label with another great deep track.
EP includes two remixes, done by label owner Hibrid and another one by Yarosslav brothers.
Six months ago, Yarosslav released their first album on Pablo Bolivar's label Seven Villas, and this is their first appearance on Submarine Vibes.

Supported by:

Lane 8, Marc Poppcke, Franz Alice Stern, Miss Melera, Sam Pauli, Vini Pistori, SchNee, Kris Davis, Philipp Kempnich, CIOZ, Mickey Imperi, Pauke Schaumburg, Yoram, Aday Chinea, MockBeat, Sijah & Kolenda, Yigit Atilla, Carlos Francisco, Rishi K, Mo'Funk, Vincent Giumelli, Andrew Best, Chris Robin, Chris Zent, Ivan Masa, Thomas Stoffer, Fred Anderson, etc.

Mastering: Roby Deep

Submarine Vibes:


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Submarine Podcast 039: Edina in the mix

Submarine Podcast 039

DJ Guest: Edina (Slovenia)
1. David August - Patria feat. Sissi Rada
2. Koett – Slow run
3. Kevin Di Serna & Santiago Franch – One
4. Guy J - Dizzy Moments (Juan Astudillo Unofficial Remix)
5. Everdom – Altitude (Original mix)
6. Roby Deep – Road to the Unknown (Hibrid Remix)
7. Konkret cuts - ESLO
8. Kevin Di Serna  -  Bemoan
9. Nick Curly – underground (Deep Spelle Remix)

After releasing her debut EP "Unique" on Submarine's sub-label, Gentlemen Lounge Records, Edina is presenting her Submarine Podcast mix :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Submarine Vibes - Facebook 3000 Likes :)

Thanks everyone for 3000 Facebook likes :)

It is our great pleasure to keep our online community growing every day with the help of new music lovers.

Stay up to date by following us and spread the word to your friends!

OUT NOW: Pammin - Fram EP

Pammin - Fram EP
1. Fram / 2. Lady Sulky / 3. North

Release date: 25.04.2016.

Release info:
Hailing from the electronic music powerhouse that is Berlin, Pammin comes to us with his new EP - Fram. Including three original tracks: North, Lady Sulky and the eponymous Fram, this release is a beautiful journey through the depths of electronic music. Happy-go-lucky melodies accompanied by groovy, smooth rhythms will make even the sulkiest of listeners dance. 

Before making his appearance on Submarine, Pammin released for a number of respected, well-known labels such as: Toolroom, Emma Music, Sinope Digital, Spirit Soul, Mother Recordings and Doppelgaenger. 

Deep House Featured Releases on Beatport:

Supported by:
Soul Button, The WHite SHadow (Fr), Marc Poppcke, Kris Davis, CIOZ, Leon Luis, Pedro Mercado, Memo Insua, Rauschhaus, Aday Chinea, Yoram, Pauke Schaumburg, Dan Marciano, Chris Robin, Vincent Giumelli, Bigasti, Moe Danger, Tome R, Oliver Weiter, Kimball Collins, Martin Broszeit, Hibrid, VieL, Arara, DeepinRadio, Carlos Francisco, Mo'Funk, Mattik, Savvas, Queemose, Konifer, Fred Anderson, Mickey Imperi, Olga Misty, Pedro Mercado, Ani Onix, Matias Carafa, etc

Mastering: Roby Deep

Submarine Vibes:


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Submarine Podcast 038: Elia in the mix

Submarine Podcast 038

DJ Guest: Elia (Australia)
#1 - Flight of Birds - Bedouin
#2 - Late night Early Mornings - Dance Spirit (Bedouin Remix)
#3 - Walls - Martin'M
#4 - The Body Shaker - Tripio X
#5 - Eyes - Francesca Lombardo
#6 - James Fake - Daso, Anouk Visee
#7 - Psicodelica - Dahu
#8 - Spiral Eyes - Pattern Drama, Bedouin
#9 - Come Closer - Tripio X (Paul Mad Remix)
#10 - Independence - Doomwork
#11 - Freefall - Francesca Lombardo

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Metodi Hristov @ Dom Mladih Amfiteatar, 22. April

Metodi Hristov
22.04.2016. / Petak
Dom Mladih, Amfiteatar

U petak, 22. aprila u Sarajevu nastupat će bugarski DJ, Metodi Hristov, koji je najzapaženije ime svjetske tech house scene u zadnje dvije godine.
Party će se održati u amfiteatru Doma Mladih, a organizator je dobro poznata sarajevska ekipa Veri Gud Najs. Kao domaća podrška nastupaju DJ Keon, Katze, Amar K i Hibrid.

Mračno, moćno, melodično - tako bi ukratko mogao da se opiše Metodijev jedinstveni stil koji karakterišu mračna strana tech house zvuka i sirovi house bitovi. Poznat je po tome što voli da eksperimentiše sa različitim stilovima koji su neočekivano dobro kombinacija.
Na DJ sceni, metodi je prisutan već skoro 10 godina, a produkcija je došla spontano. Pažnju svjetske javnosti privukao je u 2014. godini kada je njegovo izdanje “Step Outside” označeno kao jedno od najboljih traka koje su se mogle čuti na Ibizi te sezone. Ujedno je podržano od strane artista kao što su Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Joris Voorn, Mendo, Andre Crom, Mark Knight, Jay Lumen, Pan-Pot, Ramon Tapia i Audiojack.

Sa svakim narednim izdanjem nastavio je da oduševljava fanove elektronske muzike i njegova popularnost je u stalnom porastu, o čemu najbolje govori to što je prošle godine imao turneje u Americi i Aziji, dok je u Evropi redovan gost svih poznatih klubova i festivala. U aprilu, osim u Sarajevu, bugarski DJ, će nastupati i u Londonu, Salzburgu, Budimpešti, itd.
Njegova izdanja se mogu naći na lejblovima kao što su Glasgow Underground, Gruuv, Rejected, Lapsus Music, OFF Recordings, Deeperfect, ViVa Music, Toolroom Records, KD Music i drugi, a nedavno je osnovao svoj lejbl Set About.

Partneri party-a su digitalna izdavačka kuća iz Sarajeva, Submarine Vibes, zatim Tuborg, Red Bull i Udruženje Baza. Medijski sponzori su Radio Antena Sarajevo, Klubikon i Fashion, Beauty, Love.
Prvi 100 ulaznica su u prodaji po cijeni od 20KM, a naredna serija po cijeni od 25KM. Ulaznice se mogu kupiti preko i na platou KSC Skenderija.

Više informacija možete pratiti na FB event-u.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kristijan Molnar @ Sarajevo, La Kultur Centar

Kristijan Molnar prvi put gostuje u Sarajevu

U novootovrenom prostoru LaKultur u Sarajevu, domaći DJ dvojac Sijah & Kolenda i DJ Jasmina će 9. aprila prvi put u ovom gradu ugostiti trenutno jedno od najinteresentanijih imena beogradske, a i srbijanske house/techno scene, Kristijana Molnara.

Kristijan Molnar, DJ i domaćin Christallization Radio Show-a započeo je svoju priču kao promotor noviteta elektronske muzike, a  tokom svoje radijske karijere promovira nove trendove koje zastupaju međunarodni, ali i domaći muzičari i producenti, od diska, chicago housea i deep techna, preko novog vala do funka i soula. U njegovoj su emisiji gostovali mnogobrojni umjetnici, kao što su Radio Slave, Mr. Fingers, Guy Gerber, Stimming, Matthias Tanzmann, Ian Pooley, Phil Weeks, Franck Roger, Blond:ish, Amirali, i mnogi drugi.
Samo sedam dana nakon premijere u Sarajevu, Kristijan će pozornicu dijeliti sa svjetskim imenima techno scene, Heidi i Kim Ann Foxman!

Kada je u Beogradu, Kristijan priprema izvanredne cijelonoćne setove u clubu 20/44, po listi The Guardiana jednom od 25 najboljih klubova u Europi . Zamislite kraj njegovog seta praćen predivnim izlaskom sunca iznad Kalemegdana, a toga su svjedoci bili i imena poput  Rødhåda ili Morhopsiss, sa kojima je nastupao u ovom beogradskom klubu.
U klubovima DOT i KC Grad, ugostio je poznata imena sa svjetske elektronske scene kao što su Marcus Worgull, Sandrino, Oskar Offermann Job Jobse i Nuno Dos Santos. Kristijan je također pokrenuo i seriju partija pod nazivom Bittersweet, a činjenica da je na vrhu Dixonove Resident Advisor liste govori sama za sebe.
Kristijanovi setovi su nepredvidljivi i sigurno poslastica za istinske poznavatelje i ljubitelje modernog house i techno zvuka. Upravo njegova sklonost prema eklektičnom, ali uvijek kvalitetnom izboru muzike, čini njegove setove posebno zanimljivim.Ne propustite klupski događaj godine u našem gradu!


DJJasmina, nasa domaća techno heroina, specifična po tome što isljučivo mixa samo ploče. Od 1999. godine nastupala je u vrhunskim klubovima od Berlina do Detroita. Ploče koje pomno bira i način miksanja su jedna stvar, ali energija i konekcija sa publikom je nešto sasvim jedinstveno. Svjedoci tome su bila i velika imena kao što su Abe Duque, Mladen Solomun, Gebruder Teichmann, Martini Bross, Gudrun Gut, Eurokai, Mike vamp,  Pantha Du Prince, K-Hand, Kevin Saunderson i mnogi drugi. I nemojte da vas zavara njena nježna narav, u 5 ujutro definitivno će vas natjerati da želite još. 

DJ Jasmina Mix:


Atmosferu će zagrijati lokalni dj dvojac Sijah & Kolenda koji su samo u posljednjoj godini nastupali u klubovima poput, Grasshoppers Underground u Detroitu, Brod 20/44 u Beogradu, zagrebačkom Katranu.  Svoj mjesečni program, Die Tanznacht, realiziraju u sarajevskom klubu Silver & Smoke, gdje su ugostili brojna regionalna i domaća imena. Preferiraju dublji house i tech house zvuk koji će biti savršen uvod u Kristijanov set.

Sijah & Kolenda @ Submarine Podcast:

Sijah - November (Original mix) / Released on Submarine Vibes:


Za savršenu sinergiju svjetla i zvuka zadužena je naša poznata umjetnica Adela Jušić, koja će za ovu priliku pripremiti VJ set. VJ-ingom se bavi povremeno, uglavnom  koristeći eksperimentalne filmove sa jednostavnim, minimalističkim pristupom, gdje naglasak stavlja na sadržaj i koncept, više nego na vizualne efekte. 

FB Event:

Monday, April 4, 2016

OUT NOW: Mintor - High Clouds EP

#SV024, Submarine Vibes new release is out today exclusive on Beatport!
Including three original tracks by French duo Minotor and two remixes by Yigit Atilla and Ivan Garci.

Minotor - High Clouds EP
+ Remixes: Yigit Atilla and Ivan Garci

Buy link: 

EP Preview:

Release Info:
French duo, Minotor, bring us their new EP called High Clouds, containing three original tracks and two remixes. All tracks are very emotional but will also make you move with their groovy rhythms. High Cloud is the representative track of the EP; Innuendos is made interesting by employing elements of Native American music, and Join Together combines modern deep & electronica melodies. 

High Clouds is remixed by Spanish producer Ivan Garci, whose interpretation of original track takes us into pure deepness of electronic music. Turkish producer, Yigit Atila, is experimenting with different melodies & instruments and brings us his beautiful remix of Innuendos. 

It's hard to pick a favorite of these five tracks, there certainly is something for everyone.

Support list:
Oliver Schories, Marc Poppcke, Powel, Sam Pauli, Ron Flatter, Blancah, Leon Luis, Vincent Giumelli, Ki.Mi., Pedro Mercado, Yarosslav Brothers, Mike Tohr, Nick Varon, Rauschaus, Andrew Best, Pauke Schaumburg, Rishi K, Vladimir Acic, Evgeny, Konifer, Bigasti, Fred Anderson, Below Bangkok, Carlos Francisco, Pedro Martins, Jorge Martins, Jerro Nougues, Savvas, Sasa Radic, VieL, Framewerk, Arara, Papa S, MockBeat, Milan Bogdanovic, Fred Andrerson, Below Bangkok, So & So, Jean Jerome, Windand C, Amir Groove, Predrag IV etc.

Follow Submarine Vibes:

Follow Artists:

Mastering: Roby Deep (Samples Studio)

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Preview: Minotor - High Clouds EP

Release preview:

Minotor - High Clouds EP
+ Remixes: Ivan Garci & Yigit Atilla
Release date: 04.04.2016. (Beatport Exclusive)


1. Minotor - Join Together (Original Mix) 
2. Minotor - High Clouds (Original Mix) 
3. Minotor - High Clouds (Ivan Garci Remix) 
4. Minotor - Innuendos (Original Mix) 
5. Minotor - Innuendos (Yigit Atilla Remix)

Release info:
French duo, Minotor, bring us their new EP called High Clouds, containing three original tracks and two remixes. All tracks are very emotional but will also make you move with their groovy rhythms. 

High Clouds is the representative track of the EP; Innuendos is made interesting by employing elements of Native American music, and Join Together combines modern deep & electronica melodies. High Clouds is remixed by Spanish producer Ivan Garci, whose interpretation of original track takes us into pure deepness of electronic music. Turkish producer, Yigit Atila, is experimenting with different melodies & instruments and brings us his beautiful remix of Innuendos. 

It's hard to pick a favorite of these five tracks, there certainly is something for everyone.

Support list:
Oliver Schories, Marc Poppcke, Powel, Sam Pauli, Ron Flatter, Blancah, Leon Luis, Vincent Giumelli, Ki.Mi., Pedro Mercado, Rauschaus, Andrew Best, Pauke Schaumburg, Rishi K, Vladimir Acic, Evgeny, Konifer, Bigasti, Fred Anderson, Below Bangkok, Carlos Francisco, Pedro Martins, Jorge Martins, VieL, Framewerk, etc.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

PARTILILI @ Silver & Smoke / Petak

Partilili u Silver & Smoke

Digitalna izdavačka kuća iz Sarajeva, Submarine Vibes, vas poziva na novi party koji će se održati u petak 01. aprila u klubu Silver & Smoke.

Gost party-a je DJ iz Tuzle, Fulan Perez
Veselog karaktera i pun dobre muzike, Emir je idealan izbor za prvoaprilski Partilili. Clubberski staž koji gaji od 2000. godine je rezultirao dobrim sluhom za muziku i znanjem za odabir pravih traka . Deep tech house žanrovski najbolje opisuje stil koji vrti a kvalitetnim setovima se izborio za nastupe sa bitnim imenima scene kao sto su : Joris Voorn, Alexandar Kowalski (Lovely Day , Tz) , Lutzenkirchen (Dom mladih Sa), Kaiserdisco (Robinzon Party, LK) Tomcraft (Robinzon Party, LK) Mladen Tomic, Dejan Milicevic, Amir Groove, Pero Fullhouse, DJ Keon, Hibrid, itd. Iskrena ljubav prema muzici i uživanje u istoj je ono što se osjeti na njegovim nastupima a saradnja sa domaćim dj-ima, koju smatra mnogo bitnijom, mu je omogućila nastupe po gradovima BiH , radijskim emisijama, te mnogim projektima humanitarnog tipa. Za sada Fulan Perez se najugodnije osjeća za dj pultom, te nema produkcijskih izdanja.Voli ono što vrtiš i vrti ono što voliš.


Uz gosta iz Tuzle, lokalna podrška je Not so Special Guest koji predstavlja label Submarine Vibes, čije je posljednje izdanje holandskog dvojca Formel – Lago Di Como EP, ostvarilo značajan uspjeh, pozicionirajući se u TOP 50 electronica izdanja na najvećoj digitalnoj prodavnici elektronske muzike, Beatport-u. Submarine Vibes u narednom periodu najavljuje još nove i kvalitetne muzike, uz tri nova izdanja u aprilu 2016.

Party se održava na dan šale, te dobre zabave i plesa sigurno neće nedostajati.

Cijena ulaznice je 5KM, a dešavanje počinje od 23h.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Deep House Paris presents: Minotor - Innuendos (Original mix)

Thanks to Deep House Paris  for making exclusive premiere for upcoming Submarine Vibes release, done by Mintor :)

Premiere Link:
Minotor - Innuendos (Original mix)

Submarine Vibes is a rising Deep House label, from Eastern Europe, that has been delivering fine releases for the past year, on a steady basis. It is encouraging to see promising labels rise and shine in the outskirts of the usual big cities, delivering quality content, from talented artists from all over Europe. This EP has been delivered by French Duo Minotor, with remixers from Spain (Ivan Garci) and Turkey (Yigit Atila). With tracks ranging from deep and chill to powerful clubby grooves, a perfect balance is achieved, seamlessly reconciling the two worlds. A journey through a wide musical landscape is offered to you through this track pack. Join us, and let's take a hike through Native American territories...

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Kristina Lalic @ Club Kuca / Veri Gud Najs

Veri Gud Najs
25.03. PETAK
Club Kuća

Kristina Lalic (Bg)
(Gain Records, Naked Lunch, Submarine Vibes)


Elle. M

Not So Special Guest

#KristinaLalic je DJ-ica i producentica iz Beograda, koja je poznata po svojoj energičnoj dub techno muzici. Ovo je Kristinin prvi nastup u glavnom gradu BiH, te će Sarajevo dodati u svoju biografiju koja je puna različitih lokacija širom regije i Europe.
Kristina je imala priliku da nastupa i uz neke od najboljih DJ-eva, te 3 puta je gostovala na prestižnom Exit Festivalu.
Refleksija studijskog rada i strastvenih setova dovelo je do toga da radi na vec poznatim lokacijama, partijima i festivalima zajedno sa talentovanim i poznatim Dj-evima kao sto su Ambivalent, Shinedoe, Anja Schneider, Richie Hawtin, Luigi Madonna, Cristian Varela, Len Faki i mnogi drugi.
Više o njenom radu možete provjeriti na linkovima za socijalne mreže na

Organizator dešavanja je projekat pod nazivom Veri Gud Najs, koji ima za cilj promociju elektronske i klubske muzike u Sarajevu, te organizovanje dešavanja sa ovakvom muzikom (deep, tech, techno). Do sada VGN je ugostio mnoge DJ-eve iz regiona, te dao priliku mnogim mladim i neafirmisanim DJ-evima i producentima iz Sarajeva da predstave svoju muziku pred publikom.
Iza sebe, VGN u proteklih par godina iza sebe ima preko 50 različitih party-a na različitim lokacijama širom Sarajeva, a najznačajniji bio je festival underground kulture i muzike, Gruv Fest, koji je održan 2013. Godine. 

#KlubKucaPreko puta Holiday Inn-a

Submarine Vibes / Digital Record Label iz Sarajeva

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