Tuesday, March 15, 2016

OUT NOW: Formel - Lago di Como EP

OUT NOW: Formel - Lago di Como  EP /
+ Remixes: Cliff De Zoete & Philipp Kempnich Remix

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"Formel, Netherlands based duo, is releasing their first EP on Submarine Vibes.
After they released some of their last tracks for labels like Einmusika Recordings, Manual Music, Weiter, etc. their new EP is a real treat for fans of melodic techno sound..
EP includes two original tracks, Lago Di Como and Mango, but it also comes with one remix for each of the two tracks. Philipp Kempnich brings us remix of Mango, and it's full of amazing sounds and unpredicable melodies, while Cliff De Zoette's version of Lago Di Como strikes a perfect balance between groove and melody. Both of the remixes stayed true to the sound of the original songs, but managed to present them in a completely different light."

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Supported by:
Jonas Saalbach, Zoo Brazil, Yoram, Sam Pauli, Oliver Weiter, PieK, Marc Poppcke, Franz Alice Stern, Blancah, CIOZ, Ivan Masa, Jelly For The Babies, Tim Penner, Sebastian Oscilla, Rico from Paris, Foreign Guest, Pauke Schaumburg, Daraspa, Rauschhaus, Ani Onix, Framewerk, Nick Varon, Hibrid, Vladimir Acic, Francisco Favela, Andrew Best, Mili Sefic, Forniva, VieL, Jason Bay, Sijah & Kolenda, Queemose, Trideep Roy, Konifer, Savvas, Tom Vagabondo, Kristijan Molnar, Olga Misty, Jean Jerome, Mickey Imperi, Paul Eeles, Pedro Mercado, Moe Danger, Fran Deeper, Rishi , Jorge Martins, Bigasti, DeepInRadio, Ismar Vehabovic, G-Mohris, Soulplace, Gregor Zalokar, Windand C, and many more...

Mastering: Roby Deep

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