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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rauschhaus - The End Of Alll Things EP

Rauschhaus - The End Of All Things EP+ Franz Alice Stern Remix

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Release info:

After warm and beautiful summer it's time to start sailing towards next adventure of the wonderful sounds, this time it's extremely talented German producer Rauschhaus who has been releasing numerous successful tracks on labels such as Kittball, Parquet, Einmusika, Bullfinch, etc. 

Release is called: End Of All Things and it consists three original tracks as well as remix from talented Berliner Franz Alice Stern whose production has been released on likes of Click and Trapez ltd as well as cooperated with leading artists such as Ramon Tapia, Rainer Zonneveld, Just Her, etc 

Main track of the release "End Of All Things" is a true underground scene anthem with its extremely groovy basslines and synths perfectly blended with dreamy vocals. "Afraid of Us" is a title of the second original mix in the release and it is filled with wonderfully crafted sounds of warm synth and piano. The Beginning Of Nothing is the third original mix with it's edgy melodies of monotonic sounds and marvelous atmosphere. 

One and only remix done by Franz Alice Stern of "End Of All Things" offers dramatic techno masterpiece, from exciting arps perfectly blended with those vocals to the outrageously groovy basslines with the twist of true modern Berlin sounds. 

It is safe to say that this is Submarines one of the major release and we are extremely excited to present you these two stunning artists on our imprint.

Rauschhaus - The End Of All Things (Original mix)

Rauschhaus - The End Of All Things (Franz Alice Stern Remix)

Rauschhaus - The Beginning of Nothing (Original mix)

Supported by:

Lane 8, Soul Button, Marc Poppcke, Spieltape, Philipp Kempnich, Sam Pauli, Blancah, Miss Soulfly, CIOZ, Marcus Sur, Luke Warren, Evident, 8 Day, Kimball Collins, SchNee, Emeric Daily, Pauke Schaumburg, Hibrid, etc..

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Submarine Podcast 043 - T.M.A

Submarine Podcast 043

DJ Guest: T.M.A (Germany)

Mix link:

About T.M.A:
As they were like 15, the three young boys met in school and started their own band project. Years later they were influenced by electronic music and founded T.M.A as a fresh project to incorporate this new-found inspiration. "We are driven by the sound, facets and opportunities given by electronic music." Their sound converts the impressions from their small hometowns near Berlin and living in front of the metropolis itself. It's a mix of organic drums and guitars and powerfull basslines and synths.

T.M.A will release their Bozeman EP on 15th August on Submarine Vibes, with remix by Tony Casanova and BroFi.
Here you can check EP preview:

Luxation – Nicone
Bozeman -  T.M.A
LA Angels – Gorge (Audiojack Remix)
Truganini – Reset Robot
Hidden Karisma – Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenfeld
Tuna In – Hanne & Lore
Bukka White – T.M.A
Voyage One – David Mayer & Sebastian Voigt
Pataphysics – Thomalla
Claim of Planet Earth – El Txef A (Dave DK Remix)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Submarine Podcast 041: PHCK in the mix

Submarine Podcast 041

DJ Guest: PHCK (Germany)

PHCK are coming soon on Submarine Vibes Summer Compilation!

1. Maribou State, Pedestrian - The Clown feat. Pedestrian (Axel Boman Remix)
2. Cubicolor - Falling feat. Tim Digby-Bell (Robag's Uppa Baash Remix)
3. Axel Boman - Hello (Original Mix)
4. PHCK - Panthera (Original Mix)
5. Onur Diner - Owlephant (Mark Slee Remix)
6. Roman Fl├╝gel - 9 Years (DJ Koze Remix)
7. Butch - The Spirit feat. Hohberg (Adriatique's 7am Remix)
8. Tigerskin - This Place Is Empty Without You (Original Mix)
9. Richard Davis - Same Room (AvatismRemix)
10. Agoria - Panta Rei (Original Mix)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

OUT NOW: Pammin - Fram EP

Pammin - Fram EP
1. Fram / 2. Lady Sulky / 3. North

Release date: 25.04.2016.

Release info:
Hailing from the electronic music powerhouse that is Berlin, Pammin comes to us with his new EP - Fram. Including three original tracks: North, Lady Sulky and the eponymous Fram, this release is a beautiful journey through the depths of electronic music. Happy-go-lucky melodies accompanied by groovy, smooth rhythms will make even the sulkiest of listeners dance. 

Before making his appearance on Submarine, Pammin released for a number of respected, well-known labels such as: Toolroom, Emma Music, Sinope Digital, Spirit Soul, Mother Recordings and Doppelgaenger. 

Deep House Featured Releases on Beatport:

Supported by:
Soul Button, The WHite SHadow (Fr), Marc Poppcke, Kris Davis, CIOZ, Leon Luis, Pedro Mercado, Memo Insua, Rauschhaus, Aday Chinea, Yoram, Pauke Schaumburg, Dan Marciano, Chris Robin, Vincent Giumelli, Bigasti, Moe Danger, Tome R, Oliver Weiter, Kimball Collins, Martin Broszeit, Hibrid, VieL, Arara, DeepinRadio, Carlos Francisco, Mo'Funk, Mattik, Savvas, Queemose, Konifer, Fred Anderson, Mickey Imperi, Olga Misty, Pedro Mercado, Ani Onix, Matias Carafa, etc

Mastering: Roby Deep

Submarine Vibes:


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

OUT NOW: Formel - Lago di Como EP

OUT NOW: Formel - Lago di Como  EP /
+ Remixes: Cliff De Zoete & Philipp Kempnich Remix

BUY exclusive @ Beatport: 

Soundcloud Preview: 

"Formel, Netherlands based duo, is releasing their first EP on Submarine Vibes.
After they released some of their last tracks for labels like Einmusika Recordings, Manual Music, Weiter, etc. their new EP is a real treat for fans of melodic techno sound..
EP includes two original tracks, Lago Di Como and Mango, but it also comes with one remix for each of the two tracks. Philipp Kempnich brings us remix of Mango, and it's full of amazing sounds and unpredicable melodies, while Cliff De Zoette's version of Lago Di Como strikes a perfect balance between groove and melody. Both of the remixes stayed true to the sound of the original songs, but managed to present them in a completely different light."

Soundspace​ pres. Philipp's Remix Premiere: 

Sweet Melodic​ pres. Cliff's Remix Premiere: 

Getting Deeper​ pres. Mango (Original mix) Premiere: 

Supported by:
Jonas Saalbach, Zoo Brazil, Yoram, Sam Pauli, Oliver Weiter, PieK, Marc Poppcke, Franz Alice Stern, Blancah, CIOZ, Ivan Masa, Jelly For The Babies, Tim Penner, Sebastian Oscilla, Rico from Paris, Foreign Guest, Pauke Schaumburg, Daraspa, Rauschhaus, Ani Onix, Framewerk, Nick Varon, Hibrid, Vladimir Acic, Francisco Favela, Andrew Best, Mili Sefic, Forniva, VieL, Jason Bay, Sijah & Kolenda, Queemose, Trideep Roy, Konifer, Savvas, Tom Vagabondo, Kristijan Molnar, Olga Misty, Jean Jerome, Mickey Imperi, Paul Eeles, Pedro Mercado, Moe Danger, Fran Deeper, Rishi , Jorge Martins, Bigasti, DeepInRadio, Ismar Vehabovic, G-Mohris, Soulplace, Gregor Zalokar, Windand C, and many more...

Mastering: Roby Deep

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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Submarine Recommends: Stimming & Johannes Brecht - Stekker (Original Mix)


Stimming & Johannes Brecht - Stekker (Original Mix)

Despite a manic summer of events for the label and its artists, Dynamic has still found time to cook up new EPs from the boss man Solomun, H.O.S.H., some ABBY Remixes and programme events for ADE. But now comes another fresh offering in the form of three tracks from Stimming & Johannes Brecht. Stimming of course has been a key label player since day one, and Johannes Brecht is someone who has really shot to the top since 2013. He has released on Poker Flat, Sunday Music and Mule and now debuts here in fine style. The pair both serve up one solo track each and collaborate on another. Brecht goes first with 'Breathe!', a stirring track that is full of glistening melody and richly musical chords. With plenty of bass driving it along down below, a slick percussion up the middle, it is a soaring track that really grabs your attention. Stimming's solo cut is "Quecksilber" atypical intricate affair full of great sound design and unusual textures. Bendy tones and deep drums make for a freaky vibe from the off and that remains throughout. Woody hits and hiccuping groves make this one of the most unique tracks you could wish to hear right now. Lastly, the pair hook up for the excellent "Stekker", a spine tingling affair that marries jangling chords with trumpets in the distance as well as what sounds like little funky hand claps and finger clicks and more besides. The collab-track is based on elements of an improvised live set of the two that occurred at 2015's Stekker Festival, which is also where the EP title originates. It is a fantastic collage of sound that really makes you want to get loose and is another winning EP overall