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Thursday, April 7, 2016

OUT NOW: Kurt Baggaley - Modus EP

Release date: 11.04.2016.

Buy link:

Soundcloud preview: 

1. Kurt Baggaley - Modus (Original mix)
2. Kurt Baggaley - Modus (Pedro.Martins Remix)
3. Kurt Baggaley - Caeni (Original mix)
4. Kurt Baggaley - Caeni (Jelly For The Babies Remix)

Supported by:
Ame, Sasch BBC, Kris Davis, YokoO CIOZ, Yoram, MockBeat, Sam Pauli, Philipp Kempnich, Innella, Mononoid, Francisco Favela, Leon Luis, Yarosslav, Daraspa, Mark Slee, Nick Varon, Marcelo Mendez, Sebastian Oscilla, Pedro Mercado, Andrew Best, VieL, Windand C, Qugas, Soulplace, Jason bay, Arara, Mickey Imperi, Rico From Paris, Sasa Radic, Traktmouse, DJ Keon, Milan Bogdanovic, Konifer, Stefan Lazarevic, Hibrid, etc...

Release info:
After showcasing his musical prowess with a remix of Bonaca's Forgotten Language, Kurt Baggaley returns with two exciting new tracks of his own.

With such an excellent and widely respected artist as Kurt, finding producers ready to take on his tracks proved to be an easy task.
One of Submarine's favourite divers , Jelly For The Babies, remixed the track Caeni and infused it with new life, while Pedro Martins reinterpreted Modus as a compelling amalgam of engaging groove and choppy rhythms that underlay the beautiful melodies of the original.
We are more than pleased to once again have the chance to work with these amazing artists. 

In short, this EP is all about the beautiful melodies carried by the atmospheric, resonant rhythms that are so characteristic for the deep house music that we all know and love. 

Submarine Vibes:


Stay tuned! :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Submarine Recommends: Arnas D - Fever [Manual Music]


Arnas D - Fever(Original Mix) [Manual Music]

Manual Music was established by Dutch DJ/producer Paul Hazendonk, initially as a sub label of the infamous Basic Beat record company- and record store just after the summer of 2005 . The label quickly gained fame in the international electronic/techno community with it’s first release ‘Robotfood’ by Petter and has built a solid reputation ever since. In 2009, Paul Hazendonk left the Basic Beat company after more than 8,5 years and adopted the Manual brand name for his own company, simply calling it Manual Music.

The Manual Music company currently houses three record labels: Manual Music, it’s sub label MNL, and it’s sister label Cinematique. We also release digital compilations featuring a selection of our inhouse- and distribution labels on a label called Fever. On top of that the Manual Music company also owns the rights- and handles the catalogue for the following labels: Adult Records, Fly Life Records, Groove Worxx, Lo-FiSoul, Melomane, Relatives, Stolen Moments, Technique and Work Hard Play Hard.

Nowadays Manual Music is a company taking care of management, publishing (in co-operation with BMG Talpa Music), digital distribution and of course releasing music on it’s labels which offer a wide range of genres within the electronic music scene, from electro-pop and indie electronica until straight forward dance floor techno. Every now and then Manual also hosts an area- or a party at various locations in numerous countries.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Submarine Vibes Recommends: VieL @ Radio Must Athens Feb. 2016


VieL @ Radio Must Athens Feb. 2016

VieL - Vasilis Lampaounas - was born in Greece in 1979. He started his career in 1994 as a radio producer-dj on a local radio station in his hometown, exploring several sounds such as acid jazz, soul, ambient, techno and drum' n' bass, finally to be infatuated with electronic music . After that and for a series of years since today he has taken part to many events as a guest or a resident dj in some of the most renown places in Athens – Soul, Skull bar , Loop, Terraza, also the legendary Mamacas and Floral . From 2008 to 2011 he was a member of the 'Metrics' project - a project based on successful cooperations with many great artists making great gigs in high levels in the most cool places in Athens .He has also participated in broadcasts on radio stations such as Elektrik Dreams Music Radio/ Label, Radio Must Athens,Westradio, Cannibal radio and many others, mixing Deep House, Tech House & Deep Techno sounds. In 2009 he started his first steps in creating electronic music and based on his mood he processes with his favourite music genres: House, Electronica and Deep Techno sounds, currently preparing his new set of music productions.. Guest Dj: Floral, Wunderbar, Skull bar (Exarhia, Athens), Loop, Kabar (Thisio, Athens), Soul, Astron, Joy Art Bar (Psiri, Athens), Buzz, Almodobar, Mercury, Mamacas, Terraza, Pixi (Gazi, Athens), Story (Syntagma, Athens), R-bar, Fuego Bar (Pyrgos) e.t.c.
Releases on labels: Spring Tube, The Purr Music, Submarine Vibes, Gentlemen Lounge Records, Sophisticate Recordings, Latte Time, Kimbo Records, City Life, EDM Underground & m.o.


1.Terry Lee Brown Junior, Ira Ange - Innocent (Original Mix) 
2.Patrick Zigon - Vajinashun (Original Mix)
3.Nikkolas Research - Deep Temptation (Original Mix)
4.Robbie Akbal, Muk.ti - You & Your Friends (Original Mix)
5.Fer Ferrari - Nova Mod (Original Mix)
6.Rockaforte - Do You Remember (Original Mix)
7.VieL - The Right Time (Original Mix)
8.DJ Ruff, Jus Deelax, Halfblack, Tall, Handsome - Keep Grooving (Tall, Handsome Remix)
9.Skai - Ready (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
10.Edina - Unique (VieL Remix)
11.Cosmic Cowboys - Asol (Original Mix)