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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Submarine Podcast 040: VieL in the mix

Submarine Podcast 040

1.Ian Pooley - Mudou (Dub)
2.Axel Boman - Moon Dancer (Original Mix)
3.Gorje Hewek, Izhevski - Whelm (Original Mix)
4.Nils Penner - Multa (Johnjon Remix)
5.Kurt Baggaley - Amicus (Oversound Remix)
6.Roby Deep - Road To The Unknown (Hibrid Remix)
7.Fer Ferrari - Time To Warm (Portofino Sunrise Remix)
8.Chris Fortier, Andromo - 2nd Light (Andromo Deepcove Mix)
9.BONDI - You've Been Fooled (Original Mix)
10.QLONS - Infini Instantane (Original Mix)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Submarine Recommends: Edina - Unique EP


Edina - Unique EP
Remixes: Viel & Species K


Buy links:

Traveling into depth of sounds is something what makes you moving. From deep, organic to weird and melodic is the best way to describe music by Slovenian DJane Edina... Since her early age she shows a strong love for music...She is trying to get more and more involved in Dj world aswell as producing her own music. She collaborates with many artists around the globe and her first record release is planned for this year.
“ You and your ears” are great start for a very beautiful musical relationship. 

VieL Remix

Species K Remix

Gentlemen Lounge Records is record label from Bos Tech Music group. It is top quality record label for deep house/chill-out/lounge genres. Our music is released on major digital shops including Beatport, JUNO, iTunes and other. Music on GLR will be top quality selected tracks from young talented producers and some already established artist from the world scene.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Submarine Vibes Recommends: VieL @ Radio Must Athens Feb. 2016


VieL @ Radio Must Athens Feb. 2016

VieL - Vasilis Lampaounas - was born in Greece in 1979. He started his career in 1994 as a radio producer-dj on a local radio station in his hometown, exploring several sounds such as acid jazz, soul, ambient, techno and drum' n' bass, finally to be infatuated with electronic music . After that and for a series of years since today he has taken part to many events as a guest or a resident dj in some of the most renown places in Athens – Soul, Skull bar , Loop, Terraza, also the legendary Mamacas and Floral . From 2008 to 2011 he was a member of the 'Metrics' project - a project based on successful cooperations with many great artists making great gigs in high levels in the most cool places in Athens .He has also participated in broadcasts on radio stations such as Elektrik Dreams Music Radio/ Label, Radio Must Athens,Westradio, Cannibal radio and many others, mixing Deep House, Tech House & Deep Techno sounds. In 2009 he started his first steps in creating electronic music and based on his mood he processes with his favourite music genres: House, Electronica and Deep Techno sounds, currently preparing his new set of music productions.. Guest Dj: Floral, Wunderbar, Skull bar (Exarhia, Athens), Loop, Kabar (Thisio, Athens), Soul, Astron, Joy Art Bar (Psiri, Athens), Buzz, Almodobar, Mercury, Mamacas, Terraza, Pixi (Gazi, Athens), Story (Syntagma, Athens), R-bar, Fuego Bar (Pyrgos) e.t.c.
Releases on labels: Spring Tube, The Purr Music, Submarine Vibes, Gentlemen Lounge Records, Sophisticate Recordings, Latte Time, Kimbo Records, City Life, EDM Underground & m.o.


1.Terry Lee Brown Junior, Ira Ange - Innocent (Original Mix) 
2.Patrick Zigon - Vajinashun (Original Mix)
3.Nikkolas Research - Deep Temptation (Original Mix)
4.Robbie Akbal, Muk.ti - You & Your Friends (Original Mix)
5.Fer Ferrari - Nova Mod (Original Mix)
6.Rockaforte - Do You Remember (Original Mix)
7.VieL - The Right Time (Original Mix)
8.DJ Ruff, Jus Deelax, Halfblack, Tall, Handsome - Keep Grooving (Tall, Handsome Remix)
9.Skai - Ready (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
10.Edina - Unique (VieL Remix)
11.Cosmic Cowboys - Asol (Original Mix)

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Jelly For The Babies & MockBeat - Stuck in a Loop EP

Jelly For The Babies & MockBeat - Stuck in a Loop EP

+ Remixes: VieL, Rishi K.

Release date: 29.06.2015.

1. Stuck In A Loop (Original Mix)
2. Stuck In A Loop (Rishi K. Remix)
3. Stuck In A Loop (VieL Remix)

Youtube link: 

Release info:

After they released two EPs on Submarine Vibes, Jelly For The Babies and MockBeat made a track together, called ‪‎Stuck In A Loop, and they are back on Submarine. EP includes beautiful deep remix by VieL and also another one with progressive vibe by Rishi K.

Mastering: Nicholas Van Orton

Supported by:
Dan Marciano, Anthony Mea, Mattik, Carlos Francisco, Lemonade, Qugas, Queemose, Mickey Imperi (The Deep Room), Thomas Stoffer, Jag Kiranmay, Roby Deep, Tom Vagabondo, Ki.MI. , Hibrid etc.

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