Sunday, February 15, 2015

SV012 Preview: Arara - Art in Quadrat (Original mix)

Arara - Art in quadrat EP
#SV012  /  Release date: 16.02.2015.

Original mix preview:
"“Art in Quadrat” is simple tune where whose extremely catchy melody is being followed by bouncy, dancing rhythm. While listening this combination of deep sounds and specific tonalities decorated by stable rhythmic lines, music is turning into an endless game and getting a special meaning.
This EP could be especially interesting for jazz and soul music fans, and for those who prefer electronic music more, it is an excellent choice as it represents unique combination of different reality dimensions and a journey to one’s inside and emotions."

Arara - Art in quadrat EP
1. Original mix
2. Powel Remix
3. Ki.Mi. Remix
4. Sergio Sergi Remix

EP is already supported by
Jonas Saalbach, Addex, Thomas Stoffer, Kosmas Epsilon, Jelly For the Babies, Marc Poppcke, Dan Marciano, Aaryon, Andrew Best, Dan Noel, Delskiz, Relow, Jason Bay etc.

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