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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Roby Deep - Road To The Unknown EP

Roby Deep - Road to the unknown EP

+ Remixes: Yarosslav / Hibrid

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Release info:

Submarine Vibes brings you a new release from Slovenian producer Roby Deep, called Road to the Unknown.
After a great sucess of his last release "Going Under" which was remixed by Addex and Dustin Nantais, Roby is back on our label with another great deep track.
EP includes two remixes, done by label owner Hibrid and another one by Yarosslav brothers.
Six months ago, Yarosslav released their first album on Pablo Bolivar's label Seven Villas, and this is their first appearance on Submarine Vibes.

Supported by:

Lane 8, Marc Poppcke, Franz Alice Stern, Miss Melera, Sam Pauli, Vini Pistori, SchNee, Kris Davis, Philipp Kempnich, CIOZ, Mickey Imperi, Pauke Schaumburg, Yoram, Aday Chinea, MockBeat, Sijah & Kolenda, Yigit Atilla, Carlos Francisco, Rishi K, Mo'Funk, Vincent Giumelli, Andrew Best, Chris Robin, Chris Zent, Ivan Masa, Thomas Stoffer, Fred Anderson, etc.

Mastering: Roby Deep

Submarine Vibes:


Monday, March 2, 2015

SV012 Art in Quadrat it out on iTunes, Traxsource, Juno today...

‪#‎SV012‬ Arara - Art in Quadrat EP /
 Incl remixes: Powel, Ki.Mi. and Sergio Sergi

After two weeks release was selected on Beatport Deep House Staff Picks, it's out today on other stores too: iTunes, Juno Download, Traxsource

Thanks to everyone who supported our last release.
Special thanks to SEKOIA and Lamija for ‪#‎SubmarineVideo:

Thanks to Kosmas Epsilon, Dustin Nantais, MockBeat, Proton Radio, Andrew Best, A-Bee & Tom Vagabondo aka LazyBoys, Sijah&Kolenda, Tim Voyager, Harmon Ikka, Jason Bay, for charting & playing tracks

‪#‎SubmarineVibes‬ ‪#‎ArtinQuadrat‬

Friday, February 27, 2015

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Arara - Art in Quadrat (Powel Remix) / SEKOIA Youtube

We are happy to finally present you ‪#‎SubmarineVideo‬ for
‪#‎SV012‬ Arara – Art in Quadrat / Powel Remix

It's our honor that our video/track has exclusively been published by such a amazing Youtube Channel, SEKOIA as their first video upload.

We would like to thank to Lamija Alhasan for video, Arara and Powel for music, Roby Deep for mastering, ‪#‎SEKOIA‬ crew for support, and also to everyone who supported and helped us to finalize this beautiful story!

You can buy remix full version, and whole EP @ Beatport and it will be available on other stores on Monday (iTunes, Traxsource, JunoDownload etc.)

Check it out, and support us with like/share :D
‪#‎submarinevibes‬ ‪#‎ArtinQadrat‬ ‪#‎Powel‬ ‪#‎Arara‬ ‪#‎Deep‬

Beat-Vision (UK) pres. SV012 Arara - Art in Quadrat

Special thanks to Beat- Vision (UK) for ‪#SV012‬ Art in Quadrat EP review.
Read full article:

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EP Soundcloud Preview:

This is why we dance - SV012 Review

Special thanks to This Is Why We Dance for ‪#SV012‬ Art in Quadrat EP review.

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EP Soundcloud Preview:

Monday, February 23, 2015

COMING SOON: #SubmarineVideo @ SEKOIA Youtube

We are happy to announce that our upcoming #SubmarineVideo for #SV012 Arara - Art in Quadrat / Powel remix will be exclusively presented by SEKOIA Youtube Channel.
Video art is done by Lamija Alhasan (Submarine Vibes)

As a renowned online platform, #SEKOIA has been connecting fans of #deep electronic music around the world to quality music, artists and labels. Based in the Netherlands, SEKOIA has been using its online and offline channels to spread the word about all the great music out there. Through the daily sharing of tracks, a monthly podcast and many events or hostings throughout the Netherlands.

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Coming soon...
#ArtinQuadrat #Arara #Powel #SubmarineVibes #SubmarineVideo

#SV012 Art in Quadrat (Powel Remix) is selected on Proton Pack 005 Beatport Chart

#SV012 Arara - Art in Quadrat (Powel Remix), released on Submarine Vibes, is selected on "Proton Pack 005"

EP includes remixes by  Sergio Sergi and Ki.Mi.. and it's supported by some good names as Jonas Saalbach, Addex, Kosmas Epsilon, Jelly For The Babies, Marc Poppcke, Dan Marciano, Aaryon, Pisetzky etc.
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EP Soundcloud Preview:

Sunday, February 15, 2015

SV012 Preview: Arara - Art in Quadrat (Original mix)

Arara - Art in quadrat EP
#SV012  /  Release date: 16.02.2015.

Original mix preview:
"“Art in Quadrat” is simple tune where whose extremely catchy melody is being followed by bouncy, dancing rhythm. While listening this combination of deep sounds and specific tonalities decorated by stable rhythmic lines, music is turning into an endless game and getting a special meaning.
This EP could be especially interesting for jazz and soul music fans, and for those who prefer electronic music more, it is an excellent choice as it represents unique combination of different reality dimensions and a journey to one’s inside and emotions."

Arara - Art in quadrat EP
1. Original mix
2. Powel Remix
3. Ki.Mi. Remix
4. Sergio Sergi Remix

EP is already supported by
Jonas Saalbach, Addex, Thomas Stoffer, Kosmas Epsilon, Jelly For the Babies, Marc Poppcke, Dan Marciano, Aaryon, Andrew Best, Dan Noel, Delskiz, Relow, Jason Bay etc.

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