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Friday, November 6, 2015

Preview: Qugas - Moving Time EP

Qugas - Moving Time EP

1. Moving Time (Original mix)
(click on track for preview)

Release date: 09.11.2015

Already supported by:
Deep Spelle, Marc Poppcke, Olivier Weiter, Vijay and Sofia, Darin Epsilon, Mika Olson, Miss Melera, Mark Slee, Ki.Mi., Ewan Rill, Roby Deep, Philipp Kempnich, Martin Broszeit, Chris Robin, Sergio Arguero, Sijah & Kolenda, Bigasti, DJ Filp Fisher, Key Positive, VieL, Savvas, Papa S, Tom Vagabondo, Vid Marjanovic, Evgeny, MockBeat, Minotor, etc.

Release info:
Submarine Vibes presents a new EP done by Irish producer Qugas, who made three original tracks: "Moving Time", "Komorebi" and "Human Cloning".
Peculiar style filled with tech groove and deep, melodic sequences make this a truly unique release .
First remix for the track "Moving Time", done by Dutch duo Formel, will prepare you for their upcoming EP which is to be released in 2016 on Submarine Vibes.
Peter Groskreutz brings us another remix, but this one for the track "Komorebi".

Mastering: Roby Deep

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