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Submarine Interview with Petros Odin

Submarine Interview with 

Petros Odin

Petros Odin is a DJ and producer from the island Corfu in Greece.
He is a well known DJ in his area, with his performances constantly booked, which gives the people there the opportunity to listen to his sets in clubs like the Yard, where he is a resident DJ, and also in some other clubs as Au Bar etc.

Last of three Petros’s releases, which one is from Submarine too, got really good support and music from EPs entered on different charts. His track Love Report, released on Yoshintoshi Recordings  in June last year, was placed on 70th place Beatport’s Deep House Top 100 Chart, and also it was charted by Tube & Berger. His last EP, Searching Eyes, released on Plus Plus Records, was placed on 30th position of Beatport’s Top 100 House Releases.

According his release on Submarine Vibes, called Feeling so High, we talked with Petros about his music, about music scene in Greece, summer plans etc.

SV: Petros, tell us something about you? Where do you come from, what are you doing in your life and when did you start to play and produce music?
First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Petros Grammatikas, I am 34 and I was born and raised in Athens until the age of 12 then I move on to Corfu Island  where I still  live.
My passion in music was from my early ages, and at the age of 16  I started to play music in a local club and do the intro of the night, from that point was the beginning of my carrier as a dj.
I moved to bigger clubs and at the age 23, I was able to do the residency in one of the most popular clubs in Greece, Au Bar. In Au Bar I had the opportunity to play along the biggest DJs around the Globe like  Sasha, Digweed, Deep Dish, Steve Lawler, Maceo Plex and many more .
 As I was getting experience I started  to produce my own music and at 2005 made my first release in a popular Greek label called Rhythmetic Records along with my friend Mattik under the name Madikons and by the time I did releases in several labes.

SV: How can you describe DJ scene and electronic music in Greece? How are the parties going, and which music is the most popular in clubs?
Here in Greece I can say that the electronic music scene is quite good. We always 
had big festivals and DJs from around the globe, at the clubs, and this is something that makes the people have always a reason to go out and hear electronic music.
Mostly the clubs in Greece follow the music as goes through time and marketing. Sometimes it's deep house, house with the low and deep bases and melodic stabs which is more popular in most of the Greece islands. And in big city like Athens  and Thessaloniki  you can hear more tech house and techno, and there is where the biggest events are happening

SV: How did your production helped you in your career? 
You signed your “Love Report” EP for one of the most popular world labels, Yoshintoshi Recordings, and track from EP is charted by Tube and Berger and it entered in TOP 10 Must Hear Deep House Tracks on Beatport. So, in your opinion,how much benefits does an artist have from all of that, besides good promotion and personal satisfaction?
The sure thing is that the production can make the people get to know you, and signing on a major label is easier to be on the charts and have more opportunities to make gigs and make more followers. So far, it goes well for me coz getting feedbacks like this, makes me work harder and gives me more inspiration.

SV: Which are you favorite artists and DJ’s? Which track are you listening the most in last days?
Hmmm. I like a lot but I can say Maceo Plex is one of my favorites. His production always have a hook and his sound makes a different when you play his tracks at the club.
As for Dj, because I’m little bit from old school, my favorite is DJ Sasha. His mixing skills are amazing and I remember him from the days when music was only on vinyl’s.
 The flow of his music is something you can’t find easy these days, I had amazing experience throw time with his sets, so he still is my favorite. 

The track I listen lately is a deep and easy track, and it's called ‘The acid – Ghost (original mix)’

SV: Summer is coming soon… Do you have some plans for it? Beaches in Greece are extremely popular destination so will there be any big parties, events or festival going on in your  neighburhood? What can you suggest us and can we listen your sets somewhere? 
This summer it’s going pretty excitement I have already booked some shows on Barrakud festival and Hellios festival. Also I do the residency every Friday at the hottest spot in Corfu island, Yard Club. I‘m playing there along  with great names like BlondishOliver HuntemmanMaceo PlexSiopis, and many more .

SV: Your EP “Keeping your love” on our label is Submarine's bestseller release and at March 30th, another release came out, called “Feeling so high” with remixes by Julian Wassermann and Barax. Can you tell us something more about that release and what are your expectations from this release?

That track is one of my favorite track, it’s a big time track with analog melodies, deep bases and vocals, I wrote after my release of (Love Report ep) and has similar elements. Also the remixes have amazing vibe and they are nicely produced for every kind of set, I hope people will like it. EP get some nice support by names like a Vijay & Sofia, Gai Barone, Mikalogic, Ran Salman, Rishi K., MockBeat, Miss Melera, Adrianos Papadeas etc.

Also, label is preparing official video for my track, and here is video teaser:

Petros Odin - Feeling So High | Video Teaser :

Petros Odin - Keeping your love | Hibrid remix: 

You can also check out EP Feeling So High preview @ Submarine Vibes Soundcloud and buy it on Beatport:

SV: For the end, we wish you a lot of happiness in life and good luck in your music career. And if you can please share with us your favorite track from Submarine Vibes, except yours?  :)

All of Submarine's releases are unique, but lately one of my favorite track that I always play in my sets is ‘Arara - Art in Quadrat (Powel Remix)’. It a smooth track and I really enjoy playing it. In my turn now I want to say to Submarine Vibes crew to keep on feed us with good music and one day, to be a major label…

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