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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

OUT NOW: Mo'Funk - Designed to Love EP / Incl remixes by Pedro.Martins & Yuriy From Russia

Mo'Funk - Designed to love EP
+ Remixes: Pedro.Martins & Yuriy From Russia

Release date: 01.02.2016.

Beatport Link:

Soundcloud Preview:

Release info:
Submarine Vibes presents its 22nd release, Designed to Love EP, done by Croatian producer Mo'Funk. Being true to its name, the release is made up of sounds of love and warm melodies.
The EP includes two original tracks, Designed to Love and Leitmotif, which are a perfect mix of deep & progressive sound. Yuriy From Russia makes us constantly movin' with the Nu Disco vibes of his great house remix of Designed to Love. Leimotif is remixed by Pedro Martins, Netherland based producer, who brings us his uniquely amazing remix with catchy, but unpredictable beats.

Support list:
Marc Poppcke, Franz Alice Stern, Jonas Saalbach, Leon Luis, Jorge Martins, Stimmhalt, Dan Marciano, Mike Robia, Philipp Kempnich, Solaire, Foreign Guest, Fer Ferrari, Lunar Plane, Daraspa, Just Her, Ki.Mi., Analog Trip, Savvas, DeepinRadio, Deep Active Sound, Jorge Martins, Martin Broszeit, Milan Bogdanovic, Bigasti, Konifer, Andrew Best, MockBeat, Carlos Francisco, Sregio Arguero, Coling Hargreaves, Mickey Imperi, Tom Vagabondo, Jean Jerome, Angelo M, This is Why We Dance, VieL, Forniva, Amir Groove, Hibrid, Olga Misty, See, Lemonade, Moe Danger, Trideep Roy, G-Mohris, Konifer, etc..

Artwork Illustration:
Bojana Jurić

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

OUT NOW: The Winter Submarine VA Compilation

Release date: 18.01.2016.
12 tracks / 15 artists

Buy link:…pilation/1683844


Submarine continues to sail and explore new tracks in the sea of music. This time, Submarine Vibes presents you 3rd V.A. Compilation, called The Winter Submarine.

Compilation includes 12 tracks and 15 artists from all over the world. Everyone can find something for themselves. From deep and lounge to tech sound, compilation offers you different variations, full of melodies perfect for dancing as well as listening during relaxation.


Artwork illustration: Bojana Juric

Support list:

Milo Hafliger, Philipp Kempnich, Helder Teixeira, Dan Marciano, Savvas, Analog Trip, Lunar Plane, Stimmalt, Mark Slee, Jero Nougues, Ivan Garci, Ani Onix, Franz Alice Stern, Luke Warren, Suffused Music, Savvas, Martin Broszeit, Pedro Mercado, Stanny Abram, So and So, Predrag IV, Chris Robin, Tom Vagabondo, Trideep Roy, Queemose, Olga Misty, Jean Jerome, Colin Hargreaves, Mickey Imperi, Konifer, Analog Trip, Disclosure Project, Ismar Vehabovic, DJ Filip Fisher, Bigasti, Stefan Lazarevic and many more..

Submarine Vibes: 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Submarine Artist: Mattik

Mattik tech-house, techno artist based in Athens.
Mattik grew up in the Greek island Corfu where he took his first steps in djing and music production. 
After studying music technology and collecting knowledge about electronic music genres in the level that he could express his unique techno, minimal, house even funk influences started exporting music outside Greece, by getting in contact for various track releases with labels such as Moan, Malisious Smile ltd, Natural Beat, Strangelove, Elite records, Teknologik and other international labels .

During the last years Mattik’s music talent brought him in the position to play along International Djs and Producers such as: Pan pot, Shlomi Aber, Hot since 82, Sam Paganini, Leon, Mendo, Uner, Gel abril, Luca Bacchetti, Oliver Koletzki, Pirupa, Sabb, Hollen, Mark fanciulli, Ilario liburni, Egal 3, Enzo Siragusa, &me and many more.

He counts residencies in some of the hottest underground clubs in Athens the previous years like:
Sixx-Playground, Terraza, DIVE and also counts many successful and recognizable for their unique vibe parties with his crew SedS at Corfu and Athens.

Last year Mattik together with Petros Odin published remix for Ill Cows - Beat & Jam EP on Submarine Vibes. (SV008)

YouTube link:

Buy Link:

Sound of Water EP is the 20th release on Submarine Vibes was done by Petros Odin and Mattik.

YouTube link:

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Submarine Podcast - Special Edition - Klabika Collective in the mix

Submarine Podcast 030

DJ Guest: Klabika Collective (BiH)

(Tracks only from Submarine Vibes)

1. MockBeat - Never Same (Julian Wassermann Remix)
2. Jelly For The Babies - Down Low (Dustin Nantais Remix) #SV010
3. G-Rom - Who are u 
4. Carlos Francisco - Jericoacoara 
5. Rober Rodriguez - Es Canaret
6. Soulplace - Chicago Sunrise (Hibrid Remix)
7. Petros Odin - Feeling So High (Julian Wassermann Remix)
6. G-Rom - Bad Direction
7. MockBeat - Should've Known 
8. Delskiz - Soundscaper 
9. MockBeat - Never Same (Soulight Remix)
10. Nithen - Just Love Me 

Celebrating 20 releases on Submarine Vibes, in colaboration with our  subversive crew from Sarajevo, Klabika Collective, we present you a a special #SubmarinePodcast episode,  which includes only the tracks released on Submarine Vibes. Another thing that makes this mix special for us is that it's made out of excellent music that initially didn't receive so much attention.

Podcast partners:
DNA Radio |
Fashion Beauty Love |
Muzicka Zona | |
Gradologija |

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Monday, November 23, 2015

OUT NOW: Petros Odin & Mattik - Sound of Water EP

Petros Odin & Mattik - Sound of Water EP



This is a brand new release on Submarine Vibes, done by two Greek producers: Petros Odin and Mattik. After releasing "Keeping your love" and "Feeling So High", Petros is back on Submarine with an even darker and deeper sound.
EP is characterized by dub synths and tech groove giving a fitting background for a powerful speech.
Remixes are done by Mark Slee, who brings us a more melodic version of the original, and Portofino Sunrise, who made this already deep track even deeper.

Support list:

Deep Spelle, Christos Fourkis, James Dexter, Nick Varon, Paul Hazendonk, Fog, SchNee, Jelly For the Babies, Fog, Anthony Mea, Ivan Garci, Evgeny, Andrew Best, Minotor, MockBeat, Moe Danger, Mickey Imperi, Chris Robin, VieL, Analog Trip, Savvas, Below Bangkok, Papa S, Fred Anderson, Colin Hargreaves, Yuriy from Russia, Tom Vagabondo, DJ Filip Fisher, Angelo M, Ismar Vehabovic, Jean Jerome, Key Positive, Marmat, DJ Keon, Queemose, Hibrid, Sijah & Kolenda, Jag Kiranmay, This is why we dance,  etc.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Best Seven Startups from Bosnia and Herzegovina

We are proud to be part of  Best Seven Startups from our country, Bosnia and Herzegovina selected by international YouthTime Magazine :)

We are happy to be on same list with 6 other, interesting youth projects from our country; Décor In portal, NajDoktor, ABO donor,, Four Game Studio, giikly.

Check out and other lists on page, there are a lot of creative and ambitious young people from all over the world :)

Thanks everyone for support!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

SV019 / Qugas - Moving Time (Formel Remix) / Video Edit

 Qugas - Moving Time (Formel Remix)


Video Edit:

Qugas - Moving Time EP

1. Moving Time (Original mix)
2. Moving Time (Formel remix)
3. Human Cloning (Original mix)
4. Komorebi (Original mix)
5. Komorebi (Peter Groskreutz Remix)

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Mastering: Roby Deep

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Submarine Podcast 030 w/ Roby Deep

Submarine Podcast 030

DJ Guest: Roby Deep (Slovenia)

Mix link


1.  Dave Martins - Only Love (Original Mix) / Carillons des Marionnettes (28 Dec 2015)
2. The Look - Nowhere Theatre  BKXS.1 (02 Nov 2015)
3. Steve Bug, Mr. V - The Long Run (Steve Bug's Vocal Mix)  The Deeper Remixes
4. Jason Bay - LAX (Petros Odin's 'Jungle' Remix) LAX (13 Nov 2015)
5. Ania Iwinska - Hang Drum (Original Mix) / Move It EP (23 Nov 2015)
6. Paolo Solo - People Sex (Original Mix) / People Sex (16 Nov 2015)
7. Comuno - Chamber Dead Island EP (19 Nov 2015)
8. Emery Warman - Music On Talents Vol.10 - Lapsus Music
9. Jonas Saalbach - Tortuga  Ancient Lake LP
10. Kintar & Brigado Crew - Azibi  EpiK EP - 303Lovers
11. Inaki Cerqueira - Stereophonic (Eddy Romero Remix) Best Of The Year 2015 (07 Dec 2015)
12. Raz Ohara, The Odd Orchestra - Happy Song (Original Mix) Get Physical Music 

After a short break, Submarine is back with Podcast series.
This time we go really deep into unknown. Dont be scared, just take your flippers and oxygen bomb with you and swim together with us.    

With carefully selected tracks, we would like to represent you our latest Submarine Vibes Podcast from our team mate Roby Deep. 

And please, don’t forget to get letter with you, in case you will need it to climb out :)

Podcast partners:
DNA Radio |
Fashion Beauty Love |
Muzicka Zona | |
Gradologija |

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

OUT NOW: Qugas - Moving Time EP

If you still haven't check out the SV019QUGAS Moving Time‬ EP preview on Soundcloud, 
with remixes by Formel and Peter Groskreutz 

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+ Don't forget, new Submarine Podcast‬ is coming tomorrow on Submarine Soundcloud /
 And Video Edit for Formel's remix is coming during this week on Submarine Youtube.

Stay tuned! :)

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Friday, November 6, 2015

OUT NOW: Arara - Strike Three EP

Arara - Strike Three EP

Release date: 21.09.2015

1. Strike Three (Original mix)
2. Strike Three (Yigit Atilla remix)
3. Strike Three (Wanderlust remix)

Youtube Link:

Release info:

After releasing his first EP: "Art in Quadrat", Arara is back on Submarine Vibes with "Strike Three" EP. Strike Three is a deep house track that couples elements of jazz with house groove.
The release is a must have for all music lovers, both those who love electronic music, and the ones who better like instrumental music.
Strike Three EP also includes two great remixes by Wanderlust and Yigit Atilla.
Wanterlust is a German producer who remixed Kolektiv Turmstrasse's track Schwundelig. He brings us catchy Strike Three remix with a funky vibe.
Yigit Atilla, producer from Istanbul, made a lot of great tracks in the last year and was included in releases with some of the biggest names from the deep house scene on some remarkable labels.
He brings as a beautiful remix full of warm melodies and synths.

Supported by:

SchNee, Powel, Mark Slee, Philipp Kempnich, Jero Nougues, Savvas, Ewan Rill, Evgeny, Olga Misty, VieL, Ki.Mi., Sergio Arguero, Chris Robin, Jason Bay, Tom Vagabondo, Sijah & Kolenda, MockBeat, Marmat, Vid Marjanovic, Harmon Ikka, Daraspa, Papa S, Suffused Music, So&So, DJ Boronas, Amir Groove, Colin Hargreaves, Jag Kiranmay, Soulplace, Hibrid, etc.

Mastering: Roby Deep

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Preview: Qugas - Moving Time EP

Qugas - Moving Time EP

1. Moving Time (Original mix)
(click on track for preview)

Release date: 09.11.2015

Already supported by:
Deep Spelle, Marc Poppcke, Olivier Weiter, Vijay and Sofia, Darin Epsilon, Mika Olson, Miss Melera, Mark Slee, Ki.Mi., Ewan Rill, Roby Deep, Philipp Kempnich, Martin Broszeit, Chris Robin, Sergio Arguero, Sijah & Kolenda, Bigasti, DJ Filp Fisher, Key Positive, VieL, Savvas, Papa S, Tom Vagabondo, Vid Marjanovic, Evgeny, MockBeat, Minotor, etc.

Release info:
Submarine Vibes presents a new EP done by Irish producer Qugas, who made three original tracks: "Moving Time", "Komorebi" and "Human Cloning".
Peculiar style filled with tech groove and deep, melodic sequences make this a truly unique release .
First remix for the track "Moving Time", done by Dutch duo Formel, will prepare you for their upcoming EP which is to be released in 2016 on Submarine Vibes.
Peter Groskreutz brings us another remix, but this one for the track "Komorebi".

Mastering: Roby Deep

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Submarine Podcast 020 w/ Papa S (BiH)

Submarine Podcast 020

Papa S

SV013 @ iTunes, Juno & Traxsource.

Feeling so High
Petros Odin / Julian Wassermann / Barax

Two weeks after releasing SV013, exclusive on Beatport, today, release is out on iTunes, Traxsource, JunoDownload etc.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Submarine Interview with DJ Ascaloon

Submarine Interview with


Ascaloon je DJ koji dolazi iz Subotice. U svom gradu poznat kao organizator mnogih dešavanja, te festivala Summer 3P, a osim toga i kao DJ koji je nastupao širom Europe. Prvog maja, nastupa u Mađarskoj, zajedno sa poznatim Paco Osunom Osim toga, važno je pomenuti da je 2012. godine imao priliku da nastupa na Exit Festivalu zajedno sa Chrono-om.
Za oktobar ove godine najavljen je i u Holandiji, a prije toga na par regionalnih festivala. Zajedno sa Chrono-m počeo je i sa produkcijom, te su svoje zajedničke trake izdali na veoma popularnom labelu iz Njemačke, Great Suff Records, te Patent Sillz itd..
Također, Ascaloon je na Burn Residency 2015. takmičenju, po glasovima, zavržio u top 10 DJ-eva na cijelom svijetu.

Povodom gostovanja na devetom Submarine Showcase-u, koji će se održati u petak 10.04. u klubu Pussy Galore, porazgovarali smo sa Ascaloon-om :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Submarine Interview with DJ Chrono

Submarine Interview with

DJ Chrono

DJ i producent koji dolazi iz Subotice
Jedan od njegovih remix-a, Roby Deep - Going Under, će biti objavljen na narednoj Submarine Vibes proljetnoj kompilaciji, a ranije je imao priliku i da izdaje i na svjetski poznatim label-ima kao što su Great Stuff Records, Go Deeva Records, Natura Viva itd. te su njegove trake remixovali imena poput Ronan Portela, Simone Vitullo itd. Unikatan zvuk je izgradio, surađujući sa violinistom “Bobby Shepherd” sa kojim je objavio više traka. Kao DJ nastupao je širom Srbije, zatim u Hrvatskoj, Sloveniji, Holandiji, Mađarskoj i Grčkoj. Osim toga, važno je pomenuti da je 2012. godine imao priliku da nastupa na Exit Festivalu zajedno sa Ascaloon-om.
Također, Chrono je na Burn Residency 2015. takmičenju, po glasovima, zavržio u top 10 DJ-eva na cijelom svijetu.

Povodom gostovanja na devetom Submarine Showcase-u, koji će se održati u petak 10.04. u klubu Pussy Galore, porazgovarali smo sa Chrono-m :)

Friday, April 3, 2015

VIDEO TEASER: Petros Odin - Feeling so High

Check out video teaser for upcoming official music video: ‪#‎SV013Petros Odin - Feeling so high.
Video shooting is still in progress & will be finished soon.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Submarine Interview with Petros Odin

Submarine Interview with 

Petros Odin

Petros Odin is a DJ and producer from the island Corfu in Greece.
He is a well known DJ in his area, with his performances constantly booked, which gives the people there the opportunity to listen to his sets in clubs like the Yard, where he is a resident DJ, and also in some other clubs as Au Bar etc.

Last of three Petros’s releases, which one is from Submarine too, got really good support and music from EPs entered on different charts. His track Love Report, released on Yoshintoshi Recordings  in June last year, was placed on 70th place Beatport’s Deep House Top 100 Chart, and also it was charted by Tube & Berger. His last EP, Searching Eyes, released on Plus Plus Records, was placed on 30th position of Beatport’s Top 100 House Releases.

According his release on Submarine Vibes, called Feeling so High, we talked with Petros about his music, about music scene in Greece, summer plans etc. presents: Petros Odin - Feeling So High (Barax Remix) presents: 

Petros Odin - Feeling So High (Barax Remix) featured SV013Feeling So High / Barax Remix on their Indie Dance Soundcloud, released on Submarine Vibes:

Special thanks goes to :)

Monday, March 30, 2015

OUT NOW:Petros Odin - Feeling so High / Incl remixes: Julian Wassermann & Barax



After the Petros's first release"Keeping your love", which was the label's bestseller, he is back on Submarine Vibes with a new EP called "Feeling so high". This time, Petros brings a track with amazing vocals that keep listeners on a constant edge. Track is mixture of nu disco and deep house elements. The EP also contains remixes of the German producer Julian Wassermann, and a talented Greek artist, Barax. Julian's remix is a modern deep house rework of the original track, while Barax decided to take us on a beutiful journey full of relaxing melodies.

Vijay & Sofia Zlatko, Gai Barone, Mikalogic, Adrianos Papadeas, Ran Salman, Rishi K., MockBeat, Miss Melera, , Ewan Rill, Minotor, Jose Hernandez Minotor, Martin Broszeit, Thomas Stoffer, Vlada D'Shake, A-Bee & Tom Vagabondo aka LazyBoys, Jason Bay, Papa S, DJ Filip Fisher, Mickey Imperi (The DEEP Room), Nane (eFM Studentski radio), Hibrid, Harmon Ikka, Ismar Vehabovic, Colin Hargreaves, Milan Bogdanovic, Paul Matthews, Olga Misty etc.

+ Special thanks goes to: Berina Bajramović (Artwork Illustration), Ajdin Holjan and Aldijana Emrić (text descriptions, press kit) & Adnan Puzic (video)

Check it out and grab your copy.
Also, feel free to support us with sharing & charting our music.