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Friday, April 3, 2015

VIDEO TEASER: Petros Odin - Feeling so High

Check out video teaser for upcoming official music video: ‪#‎SV013Petros Odin - Feeling so high.
Video shooting is still in progress & will be finished soon.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Submarine Interview with Petros Odin

Submarine Interview with 

Petros Odin

Petros Odin is a DJ and producer from the island Corfu in Greece.
He is a well known DJ in his area, with his performances constantly booked, which gives the people there the opportunity to listen to his sets in clubs like the Yard, where he is a resident DJ, and also in some other clubs as Au Bar etc.

Last of three Petros’s releases, which one is from Submarine too, got really good support and music from EPs entered on different charts. His track Love Report, released on Yoshintoshi Recordings  in June last year, was placed on 70th place Beatport’s Deep House Top 100 Chart, and also it was charted by Tube & Berger. His last EP, Searching Eyes, released on Plus Plus Records, was placed on 30th position of Beatport’s Top 100 House Releases.

According his release on Submarine Vibes, called Feeling so High, we talked with Petros about his music, about music scene in Greece, summer plans etc.