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Sunday, February 15, 2015

  • It has been a full year since our Submarine started sailing!
    On 15th of February 2014 we have organized the first Submarine Showcase with Jelly For The Babies as our special guest and 7 days after that we have published our first release #SV001 "True Thoughts".
    Meanwhile, Submarine Vibes has released 13 releases (Incl. one compilation), 19 Submarine Podcast mixes, 7 Submarine Showcases and got more then 60.000 plays on our social networks.

    We want to thanks everyone who follow and support us in first year of our existence.

    Special thanks goes to Sub' crew:
    Nejra, Maja, Berina, Lamija, Stefan, Rikardo, Adnan, Edin, Ajdin, Dino and to our distributor Proton Radio.
    Thanks to our artists: Petros Odin, MockBeat, Jelly For The Babies, Dustin Nantais, Kristina Lalic, Tommy Mc, Night Creatures, Nithen, Ill Cows, Mattik, Stanny Abram, Julian Wassermann, Carlos Francisco, Soulight, Dimitris Athanasiou, Deep Shepherd, Yuriy From Russia, Soulplace, Jose Antonio eMe, Angelo M., Skerdi M, Stefan Lazarevic, Rober Rodríguez, Tim Voyager, Merakoon, Milla, Vid Marjanovic, Depra, Vlada D'Shake, Syncroft / Forniva, G-Rom, Audioleptika, Housekeepers, Paul Matthews, Sergio Sergi, Powel, Ki.Mi., Matias Carafa,Hibrid.

    Thanks to DJs:
    Kate Savenko, Olga Misty, Fred Anderson , DJ KEON, DJ Kaczynski, A-Bee & Tom Vagabondo aka LazyBoys, djambalaja, John Doe, Savio DV, Ismar Vehabovic, Traktmouse, Sanjin Ferusic, DJ Numb, Besnik Koshi - Extenzion, Momentum:Klabika Collective (Mersel/Omar), Mr.Coquedeux, Lab Mouse, Calkins, Jelly, DJ Basta, DJ Mili Sefic, G-Rom, Nithen, DJ Irmin, Soulplace, Angelo M...

    Big thanks to media who supported our work:
     Radio Sarajevo,, Klubikon, eFM Studentski radio, Urban BUG, Face TV Sarajevo, MONDO BiH, Klubska Scena / Clubbing Scene, UES Magazine, BH Demo Liga, Hayd u park,URBAN_Magazin, Beat Vision, The Underground, This Is Why We Dance,Arctic Drones, Deep Sounds, EDM, DeepSoundBorder..

    Thanks to KRITERION Sarajevo, Pussy Galore, Youth hostel Ferijalac Sarajevo, Haram clothing, Roby Deep, Predrag IV and all people who supported/charted/visited us grin emoticon

    It was a pleasure working entire year and keeping in touch with people who love and make music out of love!

    #Submarinevibes loves you!