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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Submarine Recommends: Evans feat. Shawni - 0.19 Ep [DR019]


Evans feat. Shawni - 0.19 Ep [DR019]
+ Remixes: James Teej, Moosefly, Just Emma

Born in Sheffield, U.K, Evans is one of the hottest new breed of DJ’s Producers to impact the house music scene.

Discovering his passion for electronic music at an early age, taking part in arranging events as well as DJ-ing at various locations for several years.

Evans started to branch out working on his solo career in 2012 making his own personal tastes in house music and signing his first EP to Supernature. Later In the year he decided to start his own record label Dilate Records with some of the biggest names in the music scene involved such as Droog, Nikko Gibler, Special Case, HearThug, Maher Daniel and many more.

In 2015 evans signed an ep to good friend Edu's label Eklektisch with a solid remix package from Droog.

"Underground style of music intended for an elite audience, is often characterized by high levels of originality and experimentation, and does not conform to typical standards, trends, or hypes as set by the popular mainstream”.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Submarine Recommends: Stimming & Johannes Brecht - Stekker (Original Mix)


Stimming & Johannes Brecht - Stekker (Original Mix)

Despite a manic summer of events for the label and its artists, Dynamic has still found time to cook up new EPs from the boss man Solomun, H.O.S.H., some ABBY Remixes and programme events for ADE. But now comes another fresh offering in the form of three tracks from Stimming & Johannes Brecht. Stimming of course has been a key label player since day one, and Johannes Brecht is someone who has really shot to the top since 2013. He has released on Poker Flat, Sunday Music and Mule and now debuts here in fine style. The pair both serve up one solo track each and collaborate on another. Brecht goes first with 'Breathe!', a stirring track that is full of glistening melody and richly musical chords. With plenty of bass driving it along down below, a slick percussion up the middle, it is a soaring track that really grabs your attention. Stimming's solo cut is "Quecksilber" atypical intricate affair full of great sound design and unusual textures. Bendy tones and deep drums make for a freaky vibe from the off and that remains throughout. Woody hits and hiccuping groves make this one of the most unique tracks you could wish to hear right now. Lastly, the pair hook up for the excellent "Stekker", a spine tingling affair that marries jangling chords with trumpets in the distance as well as what sounds like little funky hand claps and finger clicks and more besides. The collab-track is based on elements of an improvised live set of the two that occurred at 2015's Stekker Festival, which is also where the EP title originates. It is a fantastic collage of sound that really makes you want to get loose and is another winning EP overall

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Submarine Recommends: Matthias Vogt - Solace


Matthias Vogt - Solace

Blossom Kollektiv returns to vinyl once again after the success of Jepe’s “Spring Shadow,” this time around inviting House and Techno veteran Matthias Vogt to the label. The two-track EP of finely crafted melodic and emotive Techno features remixes from Oliver Gehrmann and Jepe and is sure to find its way into DJ bags world wide.

Starting the EP off on a strong note with Solace, Matthias Vogt takes us on a magical journey like we’re floating in the clouds with a driving kick and lush melodies that keep us soaring through the sky into a land of beautiful and lovely emotions. Then just when we feel like we’re about to fall the track uplifts us once again into a place of cosmic bliss with rich piano notes full of substance.

Playing with the rich piano notes of the original Oliver Gehrmann creates his own vision of Solace bringing a deeper and more after hours feel. The track takes us through the elements of the original but reworking it ever so slightly while never losing the strong emotional sense of the original.

Next we come back to Matthias with Fluorescence where we once again are whisked of to a fascinating place full of melody and care free attitudes. However don’t let this allure fool you, powered by a heavy kick drum and tight percussion this track will work wonders on any peak hour dance floor bringing a sense of euphoria to the crowd.

After returning from our blissful land Jepe brings us right to the floor with his straightforward house version of Fluorescence. Putting his stamp all over his version using classic piano stabs and funky percussion to make the track uplifting in a rhythmic way, then subtle synths from the original peek their heads out to create a little drama and suspense until the slamming kick drum kicks back in making the crowd move.