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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Submarine Podcast 043 - T.M.A

Submarine Podcast 043

DJ Guest: T.M.A (Germany)

Mix link:

About T.M.A:
As they were like 15, the three young boys met in school and started their own band project. Years later they were influenced by electronic music and founded T.M.A as a fresh project to incorporate this new-found inspiration. "We are driven by the sound, facets and opportunities given by electronic music." Their sound converts the impressions from their small hometowns near Berlin and living in front of the metropolis itself. It's a mix of organic drums and guitars and powerfull basslines and synths.

T.M.A will release their Bozeman EP on 15th August on Submarine Vibes, with remix by Tony Casanova and BroFi.
Here you can check EP preview:

Luxation – Nicone
Bozeman -  T.M.A
LA Angels – Gorge (Audiojack Remix)
Truganini – Reset Robot
Hidden Karisma – Guy Mantzur & Roy Rosenfeld
Tuna In – Hanne & Lore
Bukka White – T.M.A
Voyage One – David Mayer & Sebastian Voigt
Pataphysics – Thomalla
Claim of Planet Earth – El Txef A (Dave DK Remix)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Submarine Podcast 039: Edina in the mix

Submarine Podcast 039

DJ Guest: Edina (Slovenia)
1. David August - Patria feat. Sissi Rada
2. Koett – Slow run
3. Kevin Di Serna & Santiago Franch – One
4. Guy J - Dizzy Moments (Juan Astudillo Unofficial Remix)
5. Everdom – Altitude (Original mix)
6. Roby Deep – Road to the Unknown (Hibrid Remix)
7. Konkret cuts - ESLO
8. Kevin Di Serna  -  Bemoan
9. Nick Curly – underground (Deep Spelle Remix)

After releasing her debut EP "Unique" on Submarine's sub-label, Gentlemen Lounge Records, Edina is presenting her Submarine Podcast mix :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

OUT NOW: Pammin - Fram EP

Pammin - Fram EP
1. Fram / 2. Lady Sulky / 3. North

Release date: 25.04.2016.

Release info:
Hailing from the electronic music powerhouse that is Berlin, Pammin comes to us with his new EP - Fram. Including three original tracks: North, Lady Sulky and the eponymous Fram, this release is a beautiful journey through the depths of electronic music. Happy-go-lucky melodies accompanied by groovy, smooth rhythms will make even the sulkiest of listeners dance. 

Before making his appearance on Submarine, Pammin released for a number of respected, well-known labels such as: Toolroom, Emma Music, Sinope Digital, Spirit Soul, Mother Recordings and Doppelgaenger. 

Deep House Featured Releases on Beatport:

Supported by:
Soul Button, The WHite SHadow (Fr), Marc Poppcke, Kris Davis, CIOZ, Leon Luis, Pedro Mercado, Memo Insua, Rauschhaus, Aday Chinea, Yoram, Pauke Schaumburg, Dan Marciano, Chris Robin, Vincent Giumelli, Bigasti, Moe Danger, Tome R, Oliver Weiter, Kimball Collins, Martin Broszeit, Hibrid, VieL, Arara, DeepinRadio, Carlos Francisco, Mo'Funk, Mattik, Savvas, Queemose, Konifer, Fred Anderson, Mickey Imperi, Olga Misty, Pedro Mercado, Ani Onix, Matias Carafa, etc

Mastering: Roby Deep

Submarine Vibes:


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Submarine Podcast 030 w/ Roby Deep

Submarine Podcast 030

DJ Guest: Roby Deep (Slovenia)

Mix link


1.  Dave Martins - Only Love (Original Mix) / Carillons des Marionnettes (28 Dec 2015)
2. The Look - Nowhere Theatre  BKXS.1 (02 Nov 2015)
3. Steve Bug, Mr. V - The Long Run (Steve Bug's Vocal Mix)  The Deeper Remixes
4. Jason Bay - LAX (Petros Odin's 'Jungle' Remix) LAX (13 Nov 2015)
5. Ania Iwinska - Hang Drum (Original Mix) / Move It EP (23 Nov 2015)
6. Paolo Solo - People Sex (Original Mix) / People Sex (16 Nov 2015)
7. Comuno - Chamber Dead Island EP (19 Nov 2015)
8. Emery Warman - Music On Talents Vol.10 - Lapsus Music
9. Jonas Saalbach - Tortuga  Ancient Lake LP
10. Kintar & Brigado Crew - Azibi  EpiK EP - 303Lovers
11. Inaki Cerqueira - Stereophonic (Eddy Romero Remix) Best Of The Year 2015 (07 Dec 2015)
12. Raz Ohara, The Odd Orchestra - Happy Song (Original Mix) Get Physical Music 

After a short break, Submarine is back with Podcast series.
This time we go really deep into unknown. Dont be scared, just take your flippers and oxygen bomb with you and swim together with us.    

With carefully selected tracks, we would like to represent you our latest Submarine Vibes Podcast from our team mate Roby Deep. 

And please, don’t forget to get letter with you, in case you will need it to climb out :)

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