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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

OUT NOW: Pammin - Fram EP

Pammin - Fram EP
1. Fram / 2. Lady Sulky / 3. North

Release date: 25.04.2016.

Release info:
Hailing from the electronic music powerhouse that is Berlin, Pammin comes to us with his new EP - Fram. Including three original tracks: North, Lady Sulky and the eponymous Fram, this release is a beautiful journey through the depths of electronic music. Happy-go-lucky melodies accompanied by groovy, smooth rhythms will make even the sulkiest of listeners dance. 

Before making his appearance on Submarine, Pammin released for a number of respected, well-known labels such as: Toolroom, Emma Music, Sinope Digital, Spirit Soul, Mother Recordings and Doppelgaenger. 

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Supported by:
Soul Button, The WHite SHadow (Fr), Marc Poppcke, Kris Davis, CIOZ, Leon Luis, Pedro Mercado, Memo Insua, Rauschhaus, Aday Chinea, Yoram, Pauke Schaumburg, Dan Marciano, Chris Robin, Vincent Giumelli, Bigasti, Moe Danger, Tome R, Oliver Weiter, Kimball Collins, Martin Broszeit, Hibrid, VieL, Arara, DeepinRadio, Carlos Francisco, Mo'Funk, Mattik, Savvas, Queemose, Konifer, Fred Anderson, Mickey Imperi, Olga Misty, Pedro Mercado, Ani Onix, Matias Carafa, etc

Mastering: Roby Deep

Submarine Vibes:


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Submarine Podcast 038: Elia in the mix

Submarine Podcast 038

DJ Guest: Elia (Australia)
#1 - Flight of Birds - Bedouin
#2 - Late night Early Mornings - Dance Spirit (Bedouin Remix)
#3 - Walls - Martin'M
#4 - The Body Shaker - Tripio X
#5 - Eyes - Francesca Lombardo
#6 - James Fake - Daso, Anouk Visee
#7 - Psicodelica - Dahu
#8 - Spiral Eyes - Pattern Drama, Bedouin
#9 - Come Closer - Tripio X (Paul Mad Remix)
#10 - Independence - Doomwork
#11 - Freefall - Francesca Lombardo

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sweet Melodic Premiere: Formel - Lago di Como (Cliff De Zoete Remix)

PREMIERE: Formel - Lago di Como  (Cliff De Zoete Remix) / Coming out on 14th March


"Formel, Netherlands based duo, is releasing their first EP on Submarine Vibes.
After they released some of their last tracks for labels like Einmusika Recordings, Manual Music, Weiter, etc. their new EP is a real treat for fans of melodic techno sound..
EP includes two original tracks, Lago Di Como and Mango, but it also comes with one remix for each of the two tracks. Philipp Kempnich brings us remix of Mango, and it's full of amazing sounds and unpredicable melodies, while Cliff De Zoette's version of Lago Di Como strikes a perfect balance between groove and melody. Both of the remixes stayed true to the sound of the original songs, but managed to present them in a completely different light."

Supported by:
Yoram, Sam Pauli, Oliver Weiter, Marc Poppcke, Franz Alice Stern, Blancah, CIOZ, Ivan Masa, Jelly For The Babies, Tim Penner, Sebastian Oscilla, Foreign Guest, Pauke Schaumburg, Daraspa, Rauschhaus, Nick Varon, Hibrid, Vladimir Acic, etc.

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Monday, February 15, 2016

Submarine Recommends: Milo Häfliger | Imagine [007]


Milo Häfliger | Imagine [007]

A short story long as a sort of spiritual reminiscence.

So close your eyes and I want to give you an image that we're going to be working with. And I want you to IMAGINE that you are walking into a forest. A beautiful forest. And you are by yourself. And it's misty and it's quiet and you come upon a well. A beautiful well. And you approach it. And you look down and there is water. Clear, beautiful water - the water of your soul but you, you don't know that yet. 
But the well is calling you. It's, there is something in it that almost is refreshing you, your face, your whole body is, you breathe it, that mist is actually coming into your consciousness, into your head. It's fragrant, it's not fragrant, it's like an lecture. And you stand there and you say: I'm listening. I am listening.

1. Sanoj - Fog
2. The Forest
3. Hobta - Nadunäm
4. Nico Sun - Nomad 
5. Armen Miran & Hraach - Karahunj (The Prelude)
6. Juan MP - Real Talk (Hibrid's Dream Version)
7. Rafaele Castiglione - Unreleased 
8. Sanoj - Unreleased 
9. Zeyad - Ancient Worshipper
10. Bahramji Feat. Mashti - Being With You ( Niko & Hello Alien 05Am Edit)
11. Rafaele Castiglione - Unreleased
12. Sanoj - Not Love Perhaps (Edit)
13. Zeyad - Nomad 
14. Aparde - Other People
15. Rafaele Castiglione - Unreleased 
16. Maga - Destinesia