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Monday, February 22, 2016

OUT NOW: The Best Of Submarine

The Best Of Submarine V.A Compilation 

Buy link:…ubmarine/1707629

Release date: 22.02.2016.
10 Tracks
Artwork Illustration: Bojana Juric

Celebrating its 2nd Birthday, Submarine Vibes presents The Best of Submarine V.A. Compilation, including 10 tracks.
With this compilation we would like to share with you our best tracks and thank everyone for supporting us these two years. We would also like to invite you all to keep on following us as we keep on releasing quality music.


1. Arara - Art in Quadrat (Powel Remix)
2. Chris Robin & Saalbach - Fridge Slap (Original mix)
3. Roby Deep - Going Under (Addex Remix)
4. Arara - Strike Three (Yigit Atilla Remix)
5. Jelly for the babies - Down Low (Dustin Nantais Remix)
6. Bonaca - Adriatica (Affect! Remix)
7. Petros Odin - Keeping your love (Original mix)
8. Delskiz - Soundscaper (Ki.Mi. Remix)
9. Petros Odin - Feeling So High (Julian Wassermann Remix)
10. Hibrid - Baseskijina Samoca (Dub Mix)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Submarine Recommends: Marc Poppcke - Favourites Of The Month January 2016


Marc Poppcke - Favourites Of The Month January 2016

Marc Poppcke’s life is all about music. Although he appreciates to produce tracks, loves to remix and knows that his productions are cherished, Marc is foremost a DJ. To play the decks is what he is living for. And this is what he has been doing for over a decade now. No musical boundary holds him at bay to surprise the people on the dancefloor. He is always searching for the striking impulses in club music to turn the hours on the dancefloor into special and lasting moments. His style is sometimes House, other times it’s Progressive or else it’s Techno. Who cares? – Marc doesn't because it's always about the four to the floor. And whenever the crowd thinks he got his style he is already up for something else. Marc Poppcke is a DJ on his way to conquer the world’s electronic music clubs.


01 Bedouin - Hologram (Original Mix) [Cityfox]
02 Slow Hearts - Powderwings (Original Mix) [Suruba]
03 Kris Davis - Petroleum (Original Mix) [Connaisseur Recordings]
04 Oliver Nickels - Railtown (Original Mix) [Rhombus]
05 Fort Romeau - Facing The Sea (Original Mix) [Live At Robert Johnson]
06 Kevin Yost - Don't Give In (Original Mix) [Leena Music]
07 Dario D'Attis & Reto Ardour - Shape (Original Mix) [Poker Flat Recordings]
08 Jona - Transmission Breakdown (Trevino Remix) [Aeon]
09 Skena - Waiting In The Wings (Aaryon & David Granha Remix) [Steyoyoke Black]
10 Dimitry Molosh - Blizzard (Luis Bondio Remix) [Classound Recordings]
11 Chicola - Jeedo (Original Mix) [Sudbeat Music]
12 We Need Cracks - Cloud Runner (Henning Richter Remix) [Traum]

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Submarine Recommends: Lost Desert - All Day I Dream 2015


Lost Desert - All Day I Dream 2015

All Day I Dream explores beautiful, emotional and melancholic shades of House and Techno through its label's releases, events and artists.All Day I Dream explores beautiful, emotional and melancholic shades of House and Techno through its label's releases, events and artists.

All Day I Dream's last mix of the year featuring Lost Desert.


Lost Desert Intro
NU - Geno (Bedouin Remix)
LUM - Urpillay (Bedouin Remix) 
Mathame - Amen (Matthias Meyer Regrooved Mix) 
Lost Desert - White label
Canson - Bleeding Stars (Original Mix) 
Pete Dafeet - Baltimore (Charles Webster Mix 3) 
Canson - Elliver Twist (Original Mix) 
Lost Desert - White label
Canson - Bellevue (Original Mix) 
Gorje Hewek & Izhevski - GHIZ (Shanti Radio 003) [vinyl only] 
Lost Desert Feat. Junior - Absent without thoughts 
Yotto - Coming Back To You (Original Mix) 
Stimming, Johannes Brecht - Stekker (Original Mix) 
Wayne Duggan - Experiment 1 (Matthias Meyer And Patlac 
Canson - Lavendel (Original Mix) 
Lee Burridge & Lost Desert Feat. Junior - Lingala (Original)
Lee Burridge & Lost Desert - No Wicked for the Rest
Lee Burridge & Lost Desert - Stand Up Right 
Lost Desert Outro

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

OUT NOW: The Winter Submarine VA Compilation

Release date: 18.01.2016.
12 tracks / 15 artists

Buy link:…pilation/1683844


Submarine continues to sail and explore new tracks in the sea of music. This time, Submarine Vibes presents you 3rd V.A. Compilation, called The Winter Submarine.

Compilation includes 12 tracks and 15 artists from all over the world. Everyone can find something for themselves. From deep and lounge to tech sound, compilation offers you different variations, full of melodies perfect for dancing as well as listening during relaxation.


Artwork illustration: Bojana Juric

Support list:

Milo Hafliger, Philipp Kempnich, Helder Teixeira, Dan Marciano, Savvas, Analog Trip, Lunar Plane, Stimmalt, Mark Slee, Jero Nougues, Ivan Garci, Ani Onix, Franz Alice Stern, Luke Warren, Suffused Music, Savvas, Martin Broszeit, Pedro Mercado, Stanny Abram, So and So, Predrag IV, Chris Robin, Tom Vagabondo, Trideep Roy, Queemose, Olga Misty, Jean Jerome, Colin Hargreaves, Mickey Imperi, Konifer, Analog Trip, Disclosure Project, Ismar Vehabovic, DJ Filip Fisher, Bigasti, Stefan Lazarevic and many more..

Submarine Vibes: