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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sweet Melodic Premiere: Formel - Lago di Como (Cliff De Zoete Remix)

PREMIERE: Formel - Lago di Como  (Cliff De Zoete Remix) / Coming out on 14th March


"Formel, Netherlands based duo, is releasing their first EP on Submarine Vibes.
After they released some of their last tracks for labels like Einmusika Recordings, Manual Music, Weiter, etc. their new EP is a real treat for fans of melodic techno sound..
EP includes two original tracks, Lago Di Como and Mango, but it also comes with one remix for each of the two tracks. Philipp Kempnich brings us remix of Mango, and it's full of amazing sounds and unpredicable melodies, while Cliff De Zoette's version of Lago Di Como strikes a perfect balance between groove and melody. Both of the remixes stayed true to the sound of the original songs, but managed to present them in a completely different light."

Supported by:
Yoram, Sam Pauli, Oliver Weiter, Marc Poppcke, Franz Alice Stern, Blancah, CIOZ, Ivan Masa, Jelly For The Babies, Tim Penner, Sebastian Oscilla, Foreign Guest, Pauke Schaumburg, Daraspa, Rauschhaus, Nick Varon, Hibrid, Vladimir Acic, etc.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Getting Deeper Premiere: Mo'Funk - Leitmotif (Pedro.Martins Remix)

Getting Deeper 

 Mo'Funk - Leitmotif (Pedro.Martins Remix)

Pedro Martins’ remix of Mo’Funk’s Leitmotif is a beautiful and serene deep house edit with nostalgic but calming overtones. Perfect for early morning sunrises and timeless, inward journeys.

Mo’Funk’s Leitmotif (Pedro Martins Remix) is released in ‘Designed To Love’ EP on the label Submarine Vibes.

Soundcloud link:

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Getting Deeper Premiere: Bonaca - Adriatica (Affect! Remix)

The Affect! Edit of ‘Adriatica’ by Sweden based producer Bonaca, soon to be released on Submarine Vibes is a hypnotic, mesmerizing track with an underwater and timeless vibe to it. Characterized by an airy texture full of wavy synths, Adriatica, Affect! 
Remix is a perfect element to open air, sunrise sessions. Enjoy.

Getting Deeper:

Soundcloud link: 

Adriatica EP will be released on December 21st.

Already supported by

Luke Warren, Marc Poppcke, Sthimmhalt, Pisetzky, Philipp Kempnich, Nick Varon, Foreign Guest, Jelly For The Babies, and many more..

Mastering: Roby Deep

Submarine Vibes: 


SweetLife PREMIERE : Bonaca - Adriatica (Original mix)

We are enjoy to present to you the original mix of Bonaca EP Realease on 21/12/15 on Submarine Vibes 

Soundcloud link: 

Release info

Submarine Vibes presents its 21st release called Adriatica, done by the talented artist Bonaca, Sweden based producer from Croatia.
Bonaca brings us two melodic tracks, Adriatica and Forgotten Language. These two are a real treat for all those who love contemporary deep house and a must-have for any DJs whose sets include melodic elecronic music.

Release contains two amazing remixes; first one is done by German producer Affect!. He managed to attract a lot of attention in a short period of time by constantly releasing high-quality tracks on good labels and is now considered to be one of the brightest rising stars of the German electronic scene.

His Adriatica remix is filled with catchy melodies and driven by a rhythm that is sure to make you dance the night away.

The second remix was done by Kurt Baggaley, an English producer who brings us a very interesting reimagining of Forgotten Language that he called: Kurt Baggaley's Translation.

Already supported by

Luke Warren, Marc Poppcke, Sthimmhalt, Pisetzky, Philipp Kempnich, Nick Varon, Foreign Guest, Jelly For The Babies, and many more..

Mastering: Roby Deep

Submarine Vibes: 


Monday, February 23, 2015

COMING SOON: #SubmarineVideo @ SEKOIA Youtube

We are happy to announce that our upcoming #SubmarineVideo for #SV012 Arara - Art in Quadrat / Powel remix will be exclusively presented by SEKOIA Youtube Channel.
Video art is done by Lamija Alhasan (Submarine Vibes)

As a renowned online platform, #SEKOIA has been connecting fans of #deep electronic music around the world to quality music, artists and labels. Based in the Netherlands, SEKOIA has been using its online and offline channels to spread the word about all the great music out there. Through the daily sharing of tracks, a monthly podcast and many events or hostings throughout the Netherlands.

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Coming soon...
#ArtinQuadrat #Arara #Powel #SubmarineVibes #SubmarineVideo