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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Kristina Lalic @ Club Kuca / Veri Gud Najs

Veri Gud Najs
25.03. PETAK
Club Kuća

Kristina Lalic (Bg)
(Gain Records, Naked Lunch, Submarine Vibes)


Elle. M

Not So Special Guest

#KristinaLalic je DJ-ica i producentica iz Beograda, koja je poznata po svojoj energičnoj dub techno muzici. Ovo je Kristinin prvi nastup u glavnom gradu BiH, te će Sarajevo dodati u svoju biografiju koja je puna različitih lokacija širom regije i Europe.
Kristina je imala priliku da nastupa i uz neke od najboljih DJ-eva, te 3 puta je gostovala na prestižnom Exit Festivalu.
Refleksija studijskog rada i strastvenih setova dovelo je do toga da radi na vec poznatim lokacijama, partijima i festivalima zajedno sa talentovanim i poznatim Dj-evima kao sto su Ambivalent, Shinedoe, Anja Schneider, Richie Hawtin, Luigi Madonna, Cristian Varela, Len Faki i mnogi drugi.
Više o njenom radu možete provjeriti na linkovima za socijalne mreže na

Organizator dešavanja je projekat pod nazivom Veri Gud Najs, koji ima za cilj promociju elektronske i klubske muzike u Sarajevu, te organizovanje dešavanja sa ovakvom muzikom (deep, tech, techno). Do sada VGN je ugostio mnoge DJ-eve iz regiona, te dao priliku mnogim mladim i neafirmisanim DJ-evima i producentima iz Sarajeva da predstave svoju muziku pred publikom.
Iza sebe, VGN u proteklih par godina iza sebe ima preko 50 različitih party-a na različitim lokacijama širom Sarajeva, a najznačajniji bio je festival underground kulture i muzike, Gruv Fest, koji je održan 2013. Godine. 

#KlubKucaPreko puta Holiday Inn-a

Submarine Vibes / Digital Record Label iz Sarajeva

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SV023 is climbing up on Beatport's TOP 100 Electronica Releases

SV023 is climbing up on Beatport's TOP 100 Electronica Releases.
Today @ Position #48

BUY exclusive @ Beatport: 

Soundcloud Preview: 

Monday, March 21, 2016

#SV023 Lago Di Como (Cliff De Zoete) - Position 84 @ Beatpot Top 100 Electronica Tracks

#SV023 Lago Di Como (Cliff De Zoete) - Position 84 @ Beatpot Top 100 Electronica Tracks

We are happy to announce that Cliff's remix from Submarine Vibes last release, climbed up today on #84 on Beatport's Electronica Top 100 Tracks :)


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Submarine Podcast 037: Windand C in the mix

Submarine Podcast 037

DJ Guest: Windand C (USA)
1. Miyagi - The Dust (ANOUKA, mr. loi Remix)
2. Mondkrater - Aphelion (Original Mix)
3. Rolbac, Etchar - Floating Memories (Original Mix)
4. Animal Picnic, Aaryon - Calathea (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
5. Skena - Soul Shivers (Original Mix)
6. Habischman - The Way (Original Mix)
7. Miss Melera - Magenta (Original Mix)
8. Pig&Dan - Growler (Original Mix)
9. Thomas Schumacher, Victor Ruiz - Satellite (Original Mix)
10. Eagles, Butterflies, J.U.D.G.E. - We Get High (Eagles, Butterflies Remix)

He prefers to call himself a cosmopolitan. Having Eastern heritage Windand C has come a long way to find the inner peace and tranquility on the West. Taking the best of both worlds with his insane love of music Windand is taking his audience on a exciting trip with every mix. He always tries to tell the story where he puts something unique and something personal with the ultimate goal to bring the magic of music to every listener.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

OUT NOW: Formel - Lago di Como EP

OUT NOW: Formel - Lago di Como  EP /
+ Remixes: Cliff De Zoete & Philipp Kempnich Remix

BUY exclusive @ Beatport: 

Soundcloud Preview: 

"Formel, Netherlands based duo, is releasing their first EP on Submarine Vibes.
After they released some of their last tracks for labels like Einmusika Recordings, Manual Music, Weiter, etc. their new EP is a real treat for fans of melodic techno sound..
EP includes two original tracks, Lago Di Como and Mango, but it also comes with one remix for each of the two tracks. Philipp Kempnich brings us remix of Mango, and it's full of amazing sounds and unpredicable melodies, while Cliff De Zoette's version of Lago Di Como strikes a perfect balance between groove and melody. Both of the remixes stayed true to the sound of the original songs, but managed to present them in a completely different light."

Soundspace​ pres. Philipp's Remix Premiere: 

Sweet Melodic​ pres. Cliff's Remix Premiere: 

Getting Deeper​ pres. Mango (Original mix) Premiere: 

Supported by:
Jonas Saalbach, Zoo Brazil, Yoram, Sam Pauli, Oliver Weiter, PieK, Marc Poppcke, Franz Alice Stern, Blancah, CIOZ, Ivan Masa, Jelly For The Babies, Tim Penner, Sebastian Oscilla, Rico from Paris, Foreign Guest, Pauke Schaumburg, Daraspa, Rauschhaus, Ani Onix, Framewerk, Nick Varon, Hibrid, Vladimir Acic, Francisco Favela, Andrew Best, Mili Sefic, Forniva, VieL, Jason Bay, Sijah & Kolenda, Queemose, Trideep Roy, Konifer, Savvas, Tom Vagabondo, Kristijan Molnar, Olga Misty, Jean Jerome, Mickey Imperi, Paul Eeles, Pedro Mercado, Moe Danger, Fran Deeper, Rishi , Jorge Martins, Bigasti, DeepInRadio, Ismar Vehabovic, G-Mohris, Soulplace, Gregor Zalokar, Windand C, and many more...

Mastering: Roby Deep

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Submarine Podcast 036: SO&SO in the mix

Submarine Podcast 036

DJ Guest: So & So (Deep Nu House) (Spain)
1. Qugas- Moving Time [Submarine Vibes]
2. Chris Robin, Jonas Saalbach - Fridge Slap (Original Mix)
3. Christian Löffler - Unknown (Original Mix)
4. T.M.A - Thousand (Mirco Niemeier Remix)
5. WhoMadeWho - Heads Above (Robag Wruhme Brukk Mur Duff NB)
6. Akase - Rust (Midland Remix)
7. Scarlett Nina- Sunday Mood
8. Jazzuelle - Darkest Shade (Original Mix)
9. Eagles & Butterflies- Shinto (Original Mix)
10. &ME - Trilogy (Original Mix)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Submarine Podcast 035: Andre Stabo in the mix

Submarine Podcast 035

DJ Guest: Andre  Stabo (Germany)
1. Ayahuasca _ Rafaele Castiglione
2. Nana _ Acid Pauli - Nana
3. Cyprian _ Johannes Klingebiel
4. Satori ft. Miou Amadée - Pink & Orange Sky (Just Emma Bonus Remix Mix)
5. Life Should Be More Fun _ Alejandro Castelli, Aantigen
6. La Raya _ Trinidad
7. Leitmotif (Pedro.Martins Remix) _ Mo’ Funk
8. Dildos (Life Less Ordinary Salute to Edward Remix) _ YokoO, Kate Austin
9. Serpent (Bernstein Remix) _ Amentia
10. Won`t Change Myself _ Jake Chambers
11. Soundscaper (Hibrid Remix) _ Delskiz

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Submarine Recommends: Evans feat. Shawni - 0.19 Ep [DR019]


Evans feat. Shawni - 0.19 Ep [DR019]
+ Remixes: James Teej, Moosefly, Just Emma

Born in Sheffield, U.K, Evans is one of the hottest new breed of DJ’s Producers to impact the house music scene.

Discovering his passion for electronic music at an early age, taking part in arranging events as well as DJ-ing at various locations for several years.

Evans started to branch out working on his solo career in 2012 making his own personal tastes in house music and signing his first EP to Supernature. Later In the year he decided to start his own record label Dilate Records with some of the biggest names in the music scene involved such as Droog, Nikko Gibler, Special Case, HearThug, Maher Daniel and many more.

In 2015 evans signed an ep to good friend Edu's label Eklektisch with a solid remix package from Droog.

"Underground style of music intended for an elite audience, is often characterized by high levels of originality and experimentation, and does not conform to typical standards, trends, or hypes as set by the popular mainstream”.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Submarine Recommends: Matthias Vogt - Solace


Matthias Vogt - Solace

Blossom Kollektiv returns to vinyl once again after the success of Jepe’s “Spring Shadow,” this time around inviting House and Techno veteran Matthias Vogt to the label. The two-track EP of finely crafted melodic and emotive Techno features remixes from Oliver Gehrmann and Jepe and is sure to find its way into DJ bags world wide.

Starting the EP off on a strong note with Solace, Matthias Vogt takes us on a magical journey like we’re floating in the clouds with a driving kick and lush melodies that keep us soaring through the sky into a land of beautiful and lovely emotions. Then just when we feel like we’re about to fall the track uplifts us once again into a place of cosmic bliss with rich piano notes full of substance.

Playing with the rich piano notes of the original Oliver Gehrmann creates his own vision of Solace bringing a deeper and more after hours feel. The track takes us through the elements of the original but reworking it ever so slightly while never losing the strong emotional sense of the original.

Next we come back to Matthias with Fluorescence where we once again are whisked of to a fascinating place full of melody and care free attitudes. However don’t let this allure fool you, powered by a heavy kick drum and tight percussion this track will work wonders on any peak hour dance floor bringing a sense of euphoria to the crowd.

After returning from our blissful land Jepe brings us right to the floor with his straightforward house version of Fluorescence. Putting his stamp all over his version using classic piano stabs and funky percussion to make the track uplifting in a rhythmic way, then subtle synths from the original peek their heads out to create a little drama and suspense until the slamming kick drum kicks back in making the crowd move.

Getting Deeper Premiere: Mo'Funk - Leitmotif (Pedro.Martins Remix)

Getting Deeper 

 Mo'Funk - Leitmotif (Pedro.Martins Remix)

Pedro Martins’ remix of Mo’Funk’s Leitmotif is a beautiful and serene deep house edit with nostalgic but calming overtones. Perfect for early morning sunrises and timeless, inward journeys.

Mo’Funk’s Leitmotif (Pedro Martins Remix) is released in ‘Designed To Love’ EP on the label Submarine Vibes.

Soundcloud link:

OUT NOW: Mo'Funk - Designed to Love EP / Incl remixes by Pedro.Martins & Yuriy From Russia

Mo'Funk - Designed to love EP
+ Remixes: Pedro.Martins & Yuriy From Russia

Release date: 01.02.2016.

Beatport Link:

Soundcloud Preview:

Release info:
Submarine Vibes presents its 22nd release, Designed to Love EP, done by Croatian producer Mo'Funk. Being true to its name, the release is made up of sounds of love and warm melodies.
The EP includes two original tracks, Designed to Love and Leitmotif, which are a perfect mix of deep & progressive sound. Yuriy From Russia makes us constantly movin' with the Nu Disco vibes of his great house remix of Designed to Love. Leimotif is remixed by Pedro Martins, Netherland based producer, who brings us his uniquely amazing remix with catchy, but unpredictable beats.

Support list:
Marc Poppcke, Franz Alice Stern, Jonas Saalbach, Leon Luis, Jorge Martins, Stimmhalt, Dan Marciano, Mike Robia, Philipp Kempnich, Solaire, Foreign Guest, Fer Ferrari, Lunar Plane, Daraspa, Just Her, Ki.Mi., Analog Trip, Savvas, DeepinRadio, Deep Active Sound, Jorge Martins, Martin Broszeit, Milan Bogdanovic, Bigasti, Konifer, Andrew Best, MockBeat, Carlos Francisco, Sregio Arguero, Coling Hargreaves, Mickey Imperi, Tom Vagabondo, Jean Jerome, Angelo M, This is Why We Dance, VieL, Forniva, Amir Groove, Hibrid, Olga Misty, See, Lemonade, Moe Danger, Trideep Roy, G-Mohris, Konifer, etc..

Artwork Illustration:
Bojana Jurić

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Submarine Podcast 033 w/ Neferiel

Submarine Podcast 033

DJ Guest: Neferiel (Switzerland)

1. Chris Robin, Jonas Saalbach - Fridge Slap (Hibrid Remix)
2. Steffen Sonnenschein - Novo (Just Emma's Lost Myself Remix)
3. DKA - No Hope (Original Mix)
4. Neferiel - ID
5. Controlwerk - Hope (Original Mix)
6. D33P - Kultura (Original Mix)
7. Francys - Pandora Scream (Original Mix)
8. Alex Dimou - Forgotten Gold (ft. Billie Fountain)
9. Arara - Art In Quadrat (Powel Remix)


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Saturday, December 19, 2015

2112 - Adriatica EP is coming out on Monday!

Coming out on Monday, exclusively on Beatport

Bonaca​ - Adriatica EP 
+ Remixes by Affect​ & Kurt Baggaley​

EP Preview:

Supported by:
Ran Salman, Luke Warren, Marc Poppcke, Sthimmhalt, Dan Marciano, Pisetzky, Philipp Kempnich, Nick Varon, Vladimir Acic, Foreign Guest, Jelly For The Babies, Solaire, Martin Broszeit, and many more..

Getting Deeper​ Premiere / Adriatica (Affect! Remix):

SweetLife​ Premiere / Adriatica (Original mix):

Sounds of Predrag IV Premiere / Forgotten Language (Original mix):

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Getting Deeper Premiere: Bonaca - Adriatica (Affect! Remix)

The Affect! Edit of ‘Adriatica’ by Sweden based producer Bonaca, soon to be released on Submarine Vibes is a hypnotic, mesmerizing track with an underwater and timeless vibe to it. Characterized by an airy texture full of wavy synths, Adriatica, Affect! 
Remix is a perfect element to open air, sunrise sessions. Enjoy.

Getting Deeper:

Soundcloud link: 

Adriatica EP will be released on December 21st.

Already supported by

Luke Warren, Marc Poppcke, Sthimmhalt, Pisetzky, Philipp Kempnich, Nick Varon, Foreign Guest, Jelly For The Babies, and many more..

Mastering: Roby Deep

Submarine Vibes: 


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Submarine Podcast 032 w/ Deepologic

Submarine Podcast 032

DJ Guest: Deepologic (Slovakia)


1.Ephidrin - Thyladomid
2.Gurl - Nachtbraker
3.Freyer - Hi-Tom
4.Acapellan (Donato Dozzy Remix) - Henrik Jonsson, Joel Alter
5.Turtles Racing (Original Club Mix) - Erik Hagleton
6.Starry Skies - Abeer Sheikh, Talal & Zoi, Saqib
7.Deeper Shades (Original Mix) - Jared & Sebastien
8.Art in Quadrat (Powel Remix) - Arara
9.Joe and the Indian - The Mole1
10.Two Blocks West (Original Mix) - Nique


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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Submarine Podcast - Special Edition - Klabika Collective in the mix

Submarine Podcast 030

DJ Guest: Klabika Collective (BiH)

(Tracks only from Submarine Vibes)

1. MockBeat - Never Same (Julian Wassermann Remix)
2. Jelly For The Babies - Down Low (Dustin Nantais Remix) #SV010
3. G-Rom - Who are u 
4. Carlos Francisco - Jericoacoara 
5. Rober Rodriguez - Es Canaret
6. Soulplace - Chicago Sunrise (Hibrid Remix)
7. Petros Odin - Feeling So High (Julian Wassermann Remix)
6. G-Rom - Bad Direction
7. MockBeat - Should've Known 
8. Delskiz - Soundscaper 
9. MockBeat - Never Same (Soulight Remix)
10. Nithen - Just Love Me 

Celebrating 20 releases on Submarine Vibes, in colaboration with our  subversive crew from Sarajevo, Klabika Collective, we present you a a special #SubmarinePodcast episode,  which includes only the tracks released on Submarine Vibes. Another thing that makes this mix special for us is that it's made out of excellent music that initially didn't receive so much attention.

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Monday, November 23, 2015

OUT NOW: Petros Odin & Mattik - Sound of Water EP

Petros Odin & Mattik - Sound of Water EP



This is a brand new release on Submarine Vibes, done by two Greek producers: Petros Odin and Mattik. After releasing "Keeping your love" and "Feeling So High", Petros is back on Submarine with an even darker and deeper sound.
EP is characterized by dub synths and tech groove giving a fitting background for a powerful speech.
Remixes are done by Mark Slee, who brings us a more melodic version of the original, and Portofino Sunrise, who made this already deep track even deeper.

Support list:

Deep Spelle, Christos Fourkis, James Dexter, Nick Varon, Paul Hazendonk, Fog, SchNee, Jelly For the Babies, Fog, Anthony Mea, Ivan Garci, Evgeny, Andrew Best, Minotor, MockBeat, Moe Danger, Mickey Imperi, Chris Robin, VieL, Analog Trip, Savvas, Below Bangkok, Papa S, Fred Anderson, Colin Hargreaves, Yuriy from Russia, Tom Vagabondo, DJ Filip Fisher, Angelo M, Ismar Vehabovic, Jean Jerome, Key Positive, Marmat, DJ Keon, Queemose, Hibrid, Sijah & Kolenda, Jag Kiranmay, This is why we dance,  etc.

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Best Seven Startups from Bosnia and Herzegovina

We are proud to be part of  Best Seven Startups from our country, Bosnia and Herzegovina selected by international YouthTime Magazine :)

We are happy to be on same list with 6 other, interesting youth projects from our country; Décor In portal, NajDoktor, ABO donor,, Four Game Studio, giikly.

Check out and other lists on page, there are a lot of creative and ambitious young people from all over the world :)

Thanks everyone for support!

Keep following us @

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

SV019 / Qugas - Moving Time (Formel Remix) / Video Edit

 Qugas - Moving Time (Formel Remix)


Video Edit:

Qugas - Moving Time EP

1. Moving Time (Original mix)
2. Moving Time (Formel remix)
3. Human Cloning (Original mix)
4. Komorebi (Original mix)
5. Komorebi (Peter Groskreutz Remix)

Support our artists and buy music:


Mastering: Roby Deep

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